17 Kilograms of Liquid Cocaine Seized at Istanbul Airport

Kilograms of liquid cocaine were seized at Istanbul airport
Kilograms of liquid cocaine were seized at Istanbul airport

Two operations were carried out 10 days apart by the Customs Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Commerce. In the first study, the teams examining the passengers arriving at the airport within the scope of drug trafficking evaluated a passenger from Sao Paulo, Brazil as risky in their research through information systems.

After the passenger landed at the airport, the suitcases passed through the x-ray machine were searched with narcotic dogs.

When the dogs reacted to the liquor bottles in the luggage of the suspect passenger, it was understood that the liquid in the analyzed bottle was a cocaine solution.

Thanks to the attention of the Customs Enforcement teams, a total of 8 kilograms of liquid cocaine was prevented from entering the country.

Narkokim teams concentrated their efforts on drinking bottles

Customs Enforcement Narkokim teams concentrated their investigations on this area after the second operation they carried out at Istanbul Airport 10 days after the attempt to bring the drugs into the country in liquor bottles.

In this context, another passenger from Brazil got stuck in the risk analysis of the teams. The suitcases on the plane with the suspect passenger were checked with an x-ray machine and narcotic dogs. The liquid in the 4 drink bottles in the luggage, where the dogs reacted, was found to be a cocaine solution in the analysis.

9 kilograms of cocaine seized in operation

The 17 kilograms of liquid cocaine were seized in two separate operations in the solution, the drugs were taken into custody suspects who want to put Turkey.

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