2 People with Bomb Mechanism Captured by Gendarmerie

Person with a Bomb Arrested by Gendarmerie
Person with a Bomb Arrested by Gendarmerie

According to the information obtained from security sources, two "power banks" brought by the Syrian nationals HAS and RAS, who were caught illegally entering the country by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, were checked.

In the examination, it was determined that there were a total of 400 grams of chemical explosives, 6 detonators and 2 batteries in the two "power banks".

After HAS, NE and F.E confessed that they would meet them at the border, these two suspects were caught by the gendarmerie teams at the border.

After his actions in the gendarmerie, HAS, who was taken into custody, was sent to prison by the judicial authorities for "membership in an armed terrorist organization" and RAS for "supplying weapons to armed terrorist organizations".

NE and FE, on the other hand, were released by the judge, with a judicial control measure on the condition of a travel ban.

It was learned that the explosive was brought by the terrorist organization to disturb the peace atmosphere in the country and to assassinate the high-level administrators of the state.

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