Extending Truck Queues Directed Exporter to Transport by Minivan

lengthening truck queues led the exporter to transport by minivan
lengthening truck queues led the exporter to transport by minivan

📩 06/11/2020 11:57

The queues of trucks, especially at the border gates opening to Europe, led the exporter to carry a minivan. SelTrans Logistics Board Chairman Ceyhun Yüksel stated that the delivery times increased when border exits were delayed and said, "Exporters who do not want to waste time at the door prefer to transport their cargo with minivans." said.

The increase in export orders from Europe caused the length of the truck queues at the border gates. Ceyhun Yüksel, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SelTrans Logistics, emphasized that the exit times from the border gates can sometimes go up to 4 days, especially due to the long truck queues at Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli crossings.

Yüksel pointed out that there were delays in the delivery of export products due to the truck queues and said, “Exporters who do not want to keep their products waiting at the border gates prefer to transport their cargo, which needs to reach European countries urgently, by minivan. Demand is increasing as minivan vehicles are not attached to the procedures applied to trucks at customs gates. We deliver export loads up to 200 kilos faster and at lower cost than airline and other modes of transport. " he spoke.

Door to Door Delivery in 48-72 hours

Reminding that airline is generally preferred for urgent shipments, Yüksel explained that the suitability of the aircraft, the arrival of the cargo on the plane, the loading-unloading of the cargo, the distance of the airport to the receiver and customs procedures can delay delivery.

Yüksel stated that, on the other hand, cargoes transported to European countries by minivan are delivered door to door in 48-72 hours. Expressing that they can provide instant information flow by monitoring vehicles via GPS, Yüksel added that they can develop fast solutions in unexpected situations.

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