When Will Distance Education Begin? Are Face-to-Face Written Exams Canceled? Here are the Details

When will distance education begin? Are face-to-face exams canceled?
When will distance education begin? Are face-to-face exams canceled?

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, after the Cabinet Meeting, President Recep Tayip Erdogan announced that distance education would continue until the end of the year and announced that the trainings would be online. Following Erdogan's announcement, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk announced the latest details about distance education and answered questions. Are face-to-face exams canceled? How and when will examinations be held in formal, private, formal and non-formal schools? Which educational institutions are open? Is there a school on December 31st? here are the details of the news ...

The statement made by the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk regarding distance education is as follows; “In line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee in order not to be affected by the rise in the course of the epidemic in the world and in our country, from Friday, November 20 to Monday, January 4, in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, We will continue all formal, private, formal and non-formal education activities through distance education.

All pre-school institutions, kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools, special education schools and classes, applied courses in vocational high schools and special education courses under our Ministry will also be within this scope. There will be no face-to-face training in support and training courses and reinforcement courses, either. "Individual trainings" in special education and rehabilitation centers within the scope of special education law numbered 5580 can be realized face to face.
The distance education weekly course schedules will be shared with our students and parents by our teachers under the coordination of our school administrations. Our school administrators and teachers will structure the distance education processes in the new term according to the course subjects and curriculum they teach with their students during the break holiday. During this period, we will be with our students with our TRT EBA channels, our live classroom applications, EBA internet platform, printed and digital auxiliary resources.
No exams will be held face-to-face or remotely until December 31, 2020, the planning of the exams will be carried out separately according to the course of the epidemic process, and will be announced to our students through our school administrations and teachers. Our students will be responsible for the education curriculum, which is done face-to-face and distance education.
With the new academic year, we will send the weekly course programs of TRT EBA Kindergarten / Primary School, Secondary School and High School channels, where 112 teachers work in 812 branches and 13 lesson videos are prepared and broadcast in 1.653 studios, to the mobile phones of our 18 million students via text message service. Our course broadcasts will continue to be displayed three times a day to allow our students to compensate and reinforce.
In addition, we have previously shared with you that we have delivered 60 thousand tablet computers sent through public institutions and organizations, local administrations, private sector organizations and civil initiatives to our students with priority needs according to the distribution strategy we prepared in the light of official data. Our distributions continue simultaneously with support campaigns and procurement processes. We will have delivered 30 thousand tablets to our students within 10 days. The procurement process of 500 thousand tablet computers that we will distribute is completed and we will have delivered it to our students by the end of the year. With the support of our stakeholders, we aim to reach all of our students in need as soon as possible.
Live classroom applications, which have served 23 million 2020 thousand course hours since 49 March 768, when we started distance education, will actively serve in this period. With the integration of EBA live classroom and alternative applications into our system, we have the capacity to teach about 2 million lessons per day. Live class hours will be notified to our students and parents by our teachers.
Our EBA internet portal, which has become the world's most visited education website with 9,1 billion clicks, is at the service of our students with more than 1.700 courses and over 40.000 rich, reliable and interactive content. subject in EBA and kazanVideo or interactive lectures, exercises, summaries, infographics, project documents, teacher-specific content, more than 5.000 books and more than 240.000 questions are offered to our teachers and students, paired with explanations.
We continue to work on adapting the exam curriculum to the distance education process for our students preparing for central exams. Details will be shared with the public next week.
In this process, our teachers will continue their work remotely, and they will be able to come to our schools for distance education and benefit from tools such as computers and cameras. Our branch teachers will come to our schools at least 1 day a week in order to follow and coordinate the distance education process. Our teachers will continue to receive additional tuition fees during the distance education process.
In the Guidance and Research Centers, face-to-face services will continue to be provided for those who will be diagnosed for the first time. In this process, applications made until November 18, 2020 for inter-school transfer applications will be processed, and new applications will not be received until December 31, 2020.
We are in a process where we need to bond with our parents, teachers, school administrators and the whole education family for the trust, peace, happiness and success of our students. It is our greatest wish to restart our gradual transition to face-to-face education, where we take our measures at the highest level depending on hygiene standards, and even design our children's non-contact games in school gardens and classrooms. One would wish that we would not take this break and even meet our schools with all grade levels, as in the vast majority of countries in the world. However, we had to make such a decision due to the conditions in the country. Of course, we do not cease to repeat our call: "We need everyone's support, please follow the rules" for the future of our children. According to the table in the last week of December, we will share our gradual transition planning and calendar to face-to-face education in our schools with the public.
In addition, I would like to inform you that we are ready to answer all the questions of our citizens regarding distance education with our 7/24 EBA Assistant, MEB Assistant and 444 0 632 MEBİM call center.


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