TUSAŞ and Boeing Cooperate in Technology in Thermoplastic Composite Production

tusas and boeing collaborate on technology in thermoplastic composite production
tusas and boeing collaborate on technology in thermoplastic composite production

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), and Boeing signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of improving compliance with aviation standards thermoplastic parts manufacturing capability in Turkey. With this new agreement, a new one has been added to the ongoing cooperation of BOEING and TAI.

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said about the collaboration: “We are excited to sign a new collaboration with our strategic partner BOEING. We will continue to increase the direction of new production technologies and the aviation sector with such important collaborations. As the company that guides the most important projects of our country, we will reduce the cost significantly by making our Thermoplastic investments by realizing high quality production. "

Boeing Turkey General Manager Ayşem Winding's "Through this agreement, both Boeing and to impart a new dimension to the TAI partnership based on long years, as well as we announced in 2017 Turkey Our investment program to expand the scope of our National Aviation Plan located in the Technology Cooperation. Such projects which contribute to the development of Turkish aviation rooted, as an indicator of what we see as an important technology partner, we are confident our cooperation with Turkey and our permanent commitment. " said.

TAI has made a new investment for the design and production of thermoplastic composite parts, which will take place in future aircraft and incorporate high capacity rapid production technology, with the technical support and experience gained from the cooperation with BOEING. With the project called "High Efficiency Affordable Rapid Thermoplastic - HEART", it is foreseen that high-quality thermoplastic composite parts will reduce the cost in the product cycle and process areas by 30% compared to conventional composites.

TAI has gained the capability of thermoplastic composite production as well as being a high-capacity, high-quality and fast production technology facility with fully automated machines. The facility, which will enable the training of technical personnel to work in this field, will produce thermoplastic composite parts at world standards with local and national facilities.


TAI has put into service a new facility that will enable the production of fully automated and high quality parts without human touch, using thermoplastic materials that provide energy and cost savings, as well as reducing the weight of aircraft with the technical support it has obtained under the agreement it signed with Boeing. The agreement in question; Boeing is adding a new dimension to the long-standing successful partnership with TAI, the company is strengthening its strategic cooperation with Turkey and Turkey's National Aerospace Plan also important in terms of strengthening their cooperation in the field of technology.

Thermoplastic composites to be produced at high quality will be candidates to produce parts in various sizes and geometries for use in the aviation industry, especially TUSAŞ's original products.

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