TürkTraktör's Construction Equipment at the Archaeological Excavation Sites

Turktraktor's construction machines in archaeological excavations
Turktraktor's construction machines in archaeological excavations

TürkTraktör supports the archaeological excavations carried out in order to preserve the cultural riches of Anatolia with construction equipment.

New Holland and Case construction machines, which are suitable for the excavations carried out with precision in archaeological sites, attract attention as tools that facilitate the work. Supporting development in many fields ranging from education to culture and arts, TürkTraktör sends construction machinery to the field for archaeological excavations carried out to discover and bring the deep cultural heritage of Anatolia to the present.

In the excavations carried out with great care and precision in order to prevent any damage to the historical artifacts, New Holland and Case branded skid-turn mini loaders draw attention as the work machines that make it easier to work in removing and removing the soil from the area.

Precise field work carried out with large-bodied machines illuminate history

Expressing that the most intense and priority critical work in archeology excavations is the excavation process, TürkTraktör Construction Machinery Business Unit Group Manager Boğaç Ertekin states that the biggest supporter of experts in this field is construction equipment: Although they are not considered as suitable tools, these machines are in fact indispensable for excavation areas. The important thing here is to position the right machine in the right field and work. For example, in these types of fields, machines with rubber are preferred because digging operations require great precision. Since tracked excavators distribute the surface pressure, mini excavators can also be preferred where the ground is suitable. While backhoe loaders or small-tonnage excavators are used in digging operations, support can be obtained from loaders for lifting excavated soils.

Boğaç Ertekin added that they are very happy to support archeology excavations with construction equipment as TürkTraktör and added: “We are proud to be a part of archaeological excavations that shed light on history and cultural heritage in Anatolian lands, the cradle of many civilizations. We aim to pass these studies on to future generations. Uncovering historical artifacts without any damage is among our priority issues in the upcoming period. "

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