Turkey's First Nuclear Power Plant to be Grown 2023

turkiyenin will enter service in the year the first nuclear power plant
turkiyenin will enter service in the year the first nuclear power plant

Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. said.

The most important equipment of the first unit of Akkuyu NGS, the Reactor Vessel, was delivered to the construction site after traveling 3000 km. The Reactor Vessel is a large-sized equipment in which nuclear fuels are placed during operation and nuclear reactions are carried out under high pressure and temperature.

The production of the Reactor Vessel, which is 330 tons in weight, 4,5 meters in diameter and 12 meters in height, was completed by Atomenergomash AEM-Teknoloji in about 3 years. During the production of the Reactor Vessel, more than 750 production operations were carried out. The Reactor Vessel and parts of Akkuyu NGS have successfully passed more than 300 quality control tests at various production stages. The Reactor Vessel was delivered from the port located at Tsimlyan dam of Atommash manufacturing facility to the Doğu Cargo Terminal in the Akkuyu NGS field within 20 days.

First Deputy General Manager - NGS Construction Works Director Sergey Butskikh on the subject; “Construction and assembly works are carried out very actively at the Akkuyu NGS site. In the first power unit, some important structural elements such as the second layer of the inner protection shell, cantilever beam and support beam were installed, the core holder and reactor shield were placed in their designed positions. Main equipment is delivered to the field in accordance with the schedule. At the end of September, four steam generators to be used in the first unit were brought to the East Cargo Terminal, and today we are receiving the Reactor Container, the heart of the first unit. with push and support circles reactor container, AEM-Technologies Inc. 'here from Atommash branches in Volgodonsk, namely Turkey's first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, which was dominated by floor about 3 thousand kilometers of roads. After all the necessary customs procedures are completed, the Reactor Vessel will be subjected to entrance control ”.

The Reactor Vessel will be access controlled in accordance with all regulatory requirements. A special commission established for this purpose will check the design and relevant quality and production documentation of the Reactor Vessel and carry out detailed checks using various measuring devices. After these stages, the Reactor Vessel will be sent for assembly.

In addition, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) and independent audit institutions authorized by NDK carried out inspection and surveillance activities in all production stages of the Reactor Container at Atommash manufacturing facilities. Likewise, all activities to be carried out in the field will be audited within the framework of the audit plan determined by the NDK and the audit institutions authorized by the NDK.

Last month, four steam generators were brought from the Atommash manufacturing facility for the 1st power unit.

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