Turkey's First Bicycle Assembly Fill the One Year

The first bikes a year filled the council turkiyenin
The first bikes a year filled the council turkiyenin

Ankara City Council (AKK) Bicycle Council has completed a year in order to raise awareness of cycling in Ankara, to contribute to the formation of bicycle paths in the capital city by taking into account the habits of cycling and to popularize the use of bicycles.

The "AKK Bicycle Council", which consists of 19 stakeholders and voluntary representatives, has completed its first year in order to make the capital people love cycling and to sign projects that make the life of cyclists easier.

Since its establishment on November 25, 2019, AKK Bicycle Council has been working uninterruptedly with an environmentally friendly and sustainable environmental understanding in order to spread the habit of cycling and its use as a means of transportation.


in Ankara and a coming together of civil society organizations dealing with the CFE bike Bicycle Assembly, 19 stakeholders, delegates and 92 exhibitors with more than 5 thousand people, Turkey's parliament has the distinction of being the first bicycle.

Located under the umbrella of the Assembly of the CFE Bicycle, Bicycle University Communities, Natural Environment and Culture, Tourism and Education and the activities carried out by the Sports Working Group brings great sound throughout Turkey not only in the capital.

Established as a platform where bicycle volunteers from Ankara can make their voices heard and cooperating with local governments, AKK Bicycle Council conveyed its views on the bicycle path to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and took an active role in the "Bicycle Path Project".


AKK Bicycle Council, which invites people from 7 to 70, who want to support the creation of a cycling culture in Ankara, to join the AKK Bicycle Council and become bike volunteers. sözcüSü Kadir İspirli spoke as follows:

"We organized the University Collaborative Cycling Tour in Ankara by the University Working Group, the 8 March International Women's Day Cycling Event turned into women's solidarity and attracted attention throughout the country, followed by the 30 August Victory Day Bicycle Tour and the" Last Castle Sakarya "slogan on 13 September 2020. We cycled from Ankara Castle to Polatlı Dua Hill. We organized a Cycling Tour of Commemoration of Martyrs and Veterans from Ankara to Çanakkale on 19 September 2020. We tried to raise awareness of important days with 29 October Republic Day and 10 November Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Commemoration Bike Tours. In this process, we would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and Ankara City Council President Halil İbrahim Yılmaz for their support, who heard our voices, did not turn their back on our demands and put us on the project table with an understanding of 'common sense'. "

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