Climb to the roof of Turkey's Mount Ararat Official Opening

turkiyenin agri roofs of mountain climbing is the official aciliyor
turkiyenin agri roofs of mountain climbing is the official aciliyor

Governor of Ağrı, Osman Varol, gave information to the journalists about the projects carried out and planned to be carried out under the coordination of the Governorship, in the program held at the guesthouse in İbrahim Çeçen University (AİÇÜ) campus. Varol emphasized that Mount Ararat and its surroundings should be handled with an integrated approach in terms of culture, tourism and sports and a master plan should be put forward.

Governor Varol, we have problems with climbing Mount Ararat, that is, activities that can be done close to the mountain. We are heading towards the point of quickly resolving it. Our Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) has set aside serious resources for this master plan and started to work on our initiative and management, emphasizing that Mount Ararat and its environment should be handled with a holistic approach in terms of culture, tourism and sports, and a master plan should be put forward. he said:

Explaining that the mountain does not need to be promoted and is already known by everyone, Varol said that the teams sent to Mount Ararat by the Ministry of Interior and the Ski Federation are doing technical work on whether the region is suitable for ski resort construction.

Stating that the main activities on Mount Ararat are mountaineering and trekking, Varol said: “We are starting the official climb to Mount Ararat this winter. The people are already on the run, we warn and warn them to 'do not leave'. We met with the Ski Federation, and our friends are doing their planning. We have not determined the exact day, but we will make the first climb in December. Maybe we may not participate in the entire climb, but we will participate in some of them. In cooperation with the Federation, we will do a normal winter climb with all official permits and procedures. We are evaluating the summer climb for now, it may be a little more time "

Underlining that Mount Ararat should come to the fore with its beauties, Varol said: “There has been no official and permitted climbing on Mount Ararat for years. We take precautions regarding this. Winter climbing makes certain things easier for us. It makes the measure easier. Winter climbing on Mount Ararat will prevent inexperienced and novices from encountering problems. We'll start somewhere. If we had 3 climbs a month for 2 months in the winter, we would officially take 6 or 8 groups there. As our Federation says, there are a great number of professional mountaineers who are longing to go there "

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, with an altitude of 5.137 meters, distributes Turkey's highest. Mount Ararat in Turkey's eastern end, is 16 km south 32 km west of Iran and Armenia. 65% of the mountain is in Iğdır and the remaining 35% is within the borders of Ağrı.

Mount Ararat consists of two summits. These are the 5.137-meter Atatürk Summit and the 3.898-meter İnönü Summit (Küçük Ağrı). Up to 4000 meters basalt then consists of andesite lava at the next altitude, showing the characteristics of a volcanic mountain.

With a height of 5137 meters, Mount Ararat is not only the highest peak of the country, but also the only mountain with a 10 km² of current ice cap on it. The current permanent snow limit on Mount Ararat exceeds 4300 meters. Blumenthal (1958) calculated that the permanent snow line decreased to 3000 meters in the Pleistocene. Summit is a volcanic mountain covered with snow and melting ice cap that covers the four seasons glaciers at the summit of Mount Ararat is Turkey's largest glacier.

A total of 1 glacial tongues hanging from the ice caps, varying between 2.5 and 11 km, reached 4200 m on the southern skirts of the mountain and 3900 m on the northern skirts. The largest of these languages ​​is found in the Cehennemdere Valley in the northeast of the crater. The glaciers that broke from time to time due to the excessive slope caused the formation of a dead glacier covered with debris in the lower parts of the valley (around 2370 m).

The moraines on the foothills of Mount Ararat cover much less area compared to other mountains. The reason for this can be explained by the absence of developed valleys, with the exception of Cehennemdere Valley, the absence of high-slope peaks that would allow the glacial top to be covered with weathered material, and the materials from the volcano, which was activated from time to time, covered older moraine deposits.

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