18.910 XNUMX Emergency Gathering Space Exist in Turkey

NEW collection has received emergency turkiyede
NEW collection has received emergency turkiyede

By the Interior Ministry's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), 3.021 in Istanbul, Turkey in general is found indicating that 18.910 XNUMX collection area, the fact that the news was announced that some media organizations reflect.

In a written statement made by AFAD, it was emphasized that the news about the meeting areas in some media organizations misinformed the public.

The gathering areas are safe areas where the public can gather away from the dangerous area in order to prevent panic and ensure healthy information exchange in the period until temporary shelter centers are ready after disasters and emergencies; It was stated that it refers to container cities.

3.021 Meeting Area in Istanbul

“Disaster and emergency meeting area determination criteria include the population density in the region, the ease of access and evacuation of the area, the convenience of the disabled and the elderly as possible, its distance from secondary dangers, its location on flat lands as close to residential areas, but structural and structural. The fact that it is not affected by non-existent elements, and that it is close to buildings where basic needs such as electricity, water, toilet and similar elements can be met. In the aforementioned news, meeting areas in Istanbul were given as 470, mixed with the accommodation areas. But 3.021 is already gathering place in Istanbul, Turkey in general there are 18.910 XNUMX while gathering area. "

In the statement, which emphasized that approximately 500 meetings were held in the last two years regarding the preparation of Istanbul in general for disasters and some decisions were taken regarding the meeting areas, it was noted that the number of meeting areas was found to be insufficient, especially in the central districts that completed their structuring before 2000. It was emphasized that in addition to the parks and green areas that are currently designated as Disaster Gathering Areas, studies have been started to determine the newly built or strengthened school gardens that meet the minimum standards.

It was noted that these studies aimed to increase the average of 1,29 square meters per person in the province to more than 2 square meters and to improve the quality of the gathering areas.

In the statement, it was also stated that the Evacuation and Settlement Working Group Meeting Area exercise, which was planned to be held in Kağıthane on November 3, was postponed due to the Izmir earthquake, and it was stated that this exercise was aimed to be carried out in Istanbul until the end of November.

It was noted that with the work started in Kağıthane and Zeytinburnu, which were also selected as pilots in Istanbul, posters showing the three closest meeting areas to the entrance of each house or apartment were hung.

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