Quarantine Call from Tunç Soyer to Izmirians!

Quarantine call from tunc soyer to Izmir citizens
Quarantine call from tunc soyer to Izmir citizens

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer pointed out that the balance sheet has worsened in the coronavirus epidemic and emphasized that the measures should be tightened. Soyer also called citizens for voluntary quarantine.

The fourth meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council in November was held in Kültürpark İsmet İnönü Art Center. Speaking at the meeting, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer drew attention to the coronavirus epidemic. President Soyer, as in all of the virus in Izmir in Turkey is a serious climb, he said.

"Volunteer quarantine everyone initiate their own scale"

Mentioning that the precautions could not be paid much attention, especially due to the events experienced during the earthquake in İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “This process increased the rate of spread of the epidemic. There are also a serious increase in overall Turkey. The coming days are very critical, ”he said.

Reminding that the school break has started, Tunç Soyer said, “It is a period when the schools start their holiday. I ask families not to consider this as a holiday and not to leave their children out of the house unless it is necessary. In general, I request that they do not leave the house unless it is necessary and they apply a voluntary quarantine. In the coming days, there is a possibility of encountering very heavy pictures that we cannot handle. We have a very serious spreading rate and patients. There is a crowd in the hospitals. In short, we have to tighten the measures even more in Izmir, especially in the coming days. I ask the people of Izmir. Everyone should start the volunteer quarantine on their own scale, ”he said.

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