Toybelen Industrial Site Will Be Completed In 650 Days, Priority Gülsan Tradesmen

toybelen industrial site will be completed today, priority gulsan tradesman
toybelen industrial site will be completed today, priority gulsan tradesman

With the Toybelen Industrial Site to be established, Samsun will undertake an industrial transformation that will set an example for all provinces. The project, whose construction will start at the end of the year, will be completed in 650 days.

Established in the early 1990s on an area of ​​225 decares on Ataturk Boulevard in Canik district, Gülsan Industrial Site remained in the city center with urban development as in many cities. Approximately 250 thousand people work in the industrial site where there are 6 workplaces from auto repairers to spare parts, hardware stores to furniture manufacturers.


Samsun, which has been struggling for 20 years to move the Gülsan Industrial Estate outside the city center, is preparing for the biggest transformation in its history. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which prepares the infrastructure of 20 decares of land for the industrial site in Toybelen, 800 kilometers from the city center, will implement the project with the investment of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Mass Housing Administration (TOKI). The project will be completed in 2022 and Gülsan Industrial Estate will be demolished.


providing information on the functioning of the new industrial sites and systems Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, he said first solve the problem of small industries would be the huge size cities in Turkey. Stating that they will establish an industrial site that is modern, clustered according to the line of business, working regularly and systematically, President Demir said, “We are signing a huge transformation that will set an example for all cities in Samsun, the most beautiful city in the world. It will be built without a penny from our municipal coffers. "I am already very happy that that ugly texture, which does not suit Samsun, will disappear in our period."


Stating that the process and uncertainty that has been going on for years are now over, Mayor Demir said, “The location issue has been resolved. The tender was made. Construction work will begin towards the end of the year. It will end in 2 years, if Allah wills. Our priority there is Gülsan tradesmen. Our tradesmen registered there are known. Anyone who has a certificate and continues their tradesmen will be able to buy a shop from Toybelen. We want nobody left without a shop. Forms are now being prepared. The number will also become clear after our talks with our tradesmen. We will look at how many shops we have left and evaluate them. "If there is room left, we can open our doors to our tradesmen in other industrial zones," he said.


Mayor Demir said that there will be 200 shops, 400 and 526 square meters, in Toybelen Industrial Site and said “We are making adjustments to TOKI regarding the settlement order. They will settle in blocks according to their field of activity and business lines. Hardware stores, furniture makers, auto repair shops, spare parts, buyers will cluster. We will do a separate study among those operating in an area of ​​more than a thousand square meters now. We do not intend to enlarge the new site. A very special place. Its project is very good, its infrastructure is excellent. "It will be a living space with its parking lot and social areas."

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