Online Training Providing TIO-ÜDY Exemption Started With High Participation

Online training with tio udy exemption started with high participation
Online training with tio udy exemption started with high participation

📩 11/11/2020 10:38

UTIKAD Logistics Training, which was organized for the first time this year by the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association with the support of Istanbul Technical University, started on Saturday, November 7 with a high participation. In addition to 41 participants, the UTIKAD Chairman and Members, UTIKAD Executive Board Members and trainers attended the opening ceremony of the UTIKAD Logistics Training program held online on the Zoom platform.

UTIKAD started its new training, which provides exemption from TIO-ÜDY certificate, which companies holding TIO Certificate in accordance with TIO Regulation, started on Saturday, November 41 with 7 participants. At the opening ceremony of UTIKAD Logistics Training, which will be held on Saturdays for 7 hours only on Saturdays between 2020 November 26 - 2021 June 6, UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener made the opening speech. Stating that this training organized by UTIKAD is equivalent to a master's degree, Eldener said, “I think that the benefit that both new entrants and experienced representatives of the sector will gain from this training is very valuable. We have prepared a very high quality training program for you. I think you will leave this training satisfied. You will sacrifice your Saturday every week for this training. This is a great dedication. First of all, I congratulate you for your sacrifice ”.

Istanbul Technical University Continuing Education Center Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Murat Baskak also met with the participants at the opening ceremony. Stating that face-to-face education is not possible due to the pandemic, Assoc. Dr. Baskak said, “Our cooperation with UTIKAD continues this year as well. I wish we could host you in the historical building of ITU. We hope that we will leave the pandemic behind before the end of the training period and have a chance to come together ”.


UTIKAD Board Member and Maritime Working Group President Cihan Özkal and UTIKAD Board Member Serkan Eren, who worked as instructors in the UTIKAD Logistics Training Program, also attended the opening ceremony. Providing information to the participants about the content of the training, Özkal and Eren wished for an efficient and enjoyable training period.


Speaking at the opening ceremony of the training, Cavit Uğur, UTİKAD General Manager, stated that the online training received great interest from the sector and sector stakeholders. Underlining that UTIKAD Logistics Training, which was planned online due to the pandemic, served an important goal of the association, he said; “As UTIKAD, we attach great importance to equal opportunities in education. For a long time, we had the goal of conducting our trainings online. We had started to create the infrastructure of this process and we were even at the stage of presenting it to the industry. The pandemic exploded at this time and we were ready. We created these modules, so we brought our education to you very quickly. Today, we have participants from Izmir, Iskenderun and Gaziantep. Seeing this also makes us happy. "


Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Transport Services Regulatory Directorate General of TİO-FDI exemption recognized in Turkey only within the UTIKAD Logistics Education by UTIKAD, all modes of transport including multi-modal transport, foreign trade, warehousing and distribution, customs processes, Project transportation, insurance, hazardous materials, safety and security, cost management issues, legislation and operational information will be conveyed to the participants by the representatives of the sector and the academic world.

Participants who successfully complete the training will have both the TIO-ÜDY exemption right and the Logistics Specialization Certificate issued by Istanbul Technical University.

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