Railway Call from TIM President İsmail Gülle

team president ismail gulleden railway call
team president ismail gulleden railway call

Turkey Exporters Assembly President Ismail Shot, "especially the development of railway infrastructure and increase the carrying capacity of the railways point we need to support," he said.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Shot, rail and air logistics of the weight should be increased, he said quickly.

According to the statement made by TIM, within the scope of the new export campaign, TIM Extended Presidents Board was hosted by TIM President İsmail Gülle with the participation of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and the Presidents of the Union.

TİM President Gülle said that while there have been record increases in exports on amount basis since 2000, exports have multiplied on a tonnage basis. Stating that our exports, which were 2000 million tons in 36, reached 2019 million tons in 146, Gülle said, “In 2023, we anticipate that the export will reach 200 million tons on amount basis. With our developing exports, the need for logistics is naturally increasing. Rival countries build their entire strategy on this. For example, while China delivers its products to all over the world in 15 days by train, which it has commissioned in the belt road project, we are not yet able to deliver our products to European countries, which are 2 thousand to 3 thousand kilometers away, in less than a week. Therefore, it is of great importance that we can make faster and cheaper transportation to the European Union ”.

Stating that there are sometimes serious densities at the border gates opening to Europe due to the increasing volume, Gülle said, “We made a visit to Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli Border Gates in order to observe the problems on the spot. We have seen that, in order to overcome the density, the establishment of an infrastructure where our companies exporting by road through these gates can export their products by rail and sea will greatly contribute to the decrease in density. Now, seaway and railways need to stand out much more in our exports. "The increase in the weight of railway and maritime transport in our exports will provide great convenience at the point of realizing our exports without getting stuck in the commercial barriers that Europe has put in front of us, such as the Green Consensus and Zero Emission target."

The share of the railroad is 0,8 percent

İsmail Gülle stated that the weight of the railway and airline in logistics should be increased rapidly. Gülle said, “In the total exports of 2019, Airway transport is 8,2 percent and Railway transport is only 0,8 percent. The share of airline transportation in export transportation has decreased compared to previous years, and a graphic has been formed in railways. We need your support, especially in terms of increasing the transport capacity by rail and developing the railway infrastructure. "Investments to be made in railway projects that will facilitate logistics in terms of cost, security and speed will carry our country to a strong future".

Exporter is waiting for Ro-Ro flights to start from Izmir

Expressing that they are extremely pleased with the achievements in maritime transport, Gülle said: “We wholeheartedly support the projects you have announced by our Ministry regarding the connection of OIZ areas and ports to the railway networks. Turkey's exports in maritime transport, while 2014 percent of output in 53,4 to 2019 percent in 60,3. In addition, one of the ways to increase the share of our maritime exports in our total transports is to popularize Ro-Ro transportation. Ro-Ro, which enables the chain to flow rapidly for routes after arrival ports, provides significant flexibility and cost advantage to our exporters. In particular, we expect the necessary procedures to be completed quickly to resume Ro-Ro voyages at Alsancak Port.

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