Tekirdağ City Hospital Opened

tekirdag city hospital opened to service
tekirdag city hospital opened to service

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony of İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu Tekirdağ City Hospital. After the opening, President Erdoğan and Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca visited the hospital.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Erdoğan stated that the city hospital that was opened is a work that will be a source of pride for Tekirdağ in all respects.

Stating that the great state is a state that can stand by its citizens in difficult times, Erdogan said, “The coronavirus epidemic, which negatively affects the whole world, has turned into a litmus paper in this respect. During the epidemic period, all states in the world, including developed countries, had the opportunity to see their real capacities. During the epidemic process, the make-up on the faces flowed, like 'the cap fell, looked bald', and the truths were revealed. There have been serious problems in the world in all aspects of production, from masks to respirators, from consumables of healthcare personnel to pharmaceuticals. It turned out that neither the hospital capacities nor the number of health personnel nor the health insurance systems of the countries that seem financially rich on paper are insufficient to carry such a burden ”.

Reminding that they completed two excellent hospitals in Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sancaktepe with 1006 beds each, 16 operating theaters, with all the equipment from tomography to MRI and ultrasonography, President Erdoğan said, “We trained these in this period. Why? Because we are at war with this epidemic. In this war, when the planes come from abroad, they easily land at Yeşilköy Atatürk Airport and are in the hospital within 45 minutes. Get down to Sancaktepe and immediately in the hospital in 3 minutes. Praise be to the power, power that makes them, this power ”used the expressions.

"Our health army gave this war clearly and clearly, they are still fighting"

That Turkey is a very serious health army, pointing Erdogan, "This is our army was given a very serious war health in the process. Of course, we had martyrs in our health army. Our healthcare personnel have also struggled with all this infection tirelessly. They did not hesitate and they fought this struggle and this war clearly and they are still fighting ”.

President Erdogan, in this process, they are witness to displays of concern expressed on behalf of humanity, "Turkey has collected on that strong health infrastructure and general health insurance system has the attention of the epidemic process. We sent masks, overalls, medicine and whatever we have to 158 countries. Because we always know to stand by them wherever there is a problem as a requirement of our culture and civilization and we have taken the steps accordingly ”.

Emphasizing that it is well known that the struggle is not over yet, Erdogan said, “We are aware that the Kovid-19 disease will be with us for a while. As a matter of fact, the climb in the number of cases, patients and deaths around the world in recent weeks reminds us of this painful reality. "We need to continue the fight against the disease without complacency until the coronavirus medicine or vaccine is found."

"Our Ministry of Health is closely following the vaccination studies of other countries"

Turkey in particular voicing out their work in a versatile manner in Erdogan continued, "As we have said before, produced the vaccine should be the common property of all mankind, it should not be sacrificed to the greed of company profits. "It is very important for all countries to have access to vaccines, regardless of the rich and the poor."

"The 17th of the city hospital chain"

In his speech the Minister of Health Fahrettin husband, the goals that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's show, he said, especially experienced a period skipped era in Turkey health.

Emphasizing that the days lived are shown to the whole world how important and necessary the power of the health system is to guarantee the future of a country, Koca said, “Today we are taking another step that will further strengthen our health system. These outstanding works will provide an exceptional opportunity for our trained health workforce, whose efforts and sacrifice we have recently been proud of, in terms of providing service and training ”.

Emphasizing that Tekirdağ İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu City Hospital will be the 17th link of the city hospital chains and the 13th ring of the hospitals built with public private cooperation, Minister Koca said:

“Our hospital with 158 beds, having a closed area of ​​486 thousand square meters, will serve with 18 operating theaters equipped with high technology and 102 additional intensive care beds. Patients will be examined in 124 polyclinics at the same time. Our building was built with 651 seismic isolators, with an environmentally friendly trigeneration system that is durable and capable of generating its own energy, so as not to disrupt the service even in the event of an earthquake. I believe that our hospital will serve not only Tekirdağ, but a significant part of Thrace and will become an important health base in the region.

"Our radiation teams are in the field"

Underlining that there is an intense effort throughout the country, Minister Koca said, “Our filming teams that we are increasing day by day are on the field. In addition to family physicians, we have activated call systems in many provinces. They call homes and follow symptoms. I believe that thanks to the investments made in health, our strong infrastructure and our self-sacrificing healthcare professionals, we manage the epidemic more effectively than many countries.

"Our aim is to serve our nation"

Turkey is in the process of Turkey's outbreak, health infrastructure, emphasizing that it does not need anyone Ministers husband, she said:

"Nobody's come out of our infrastructure during a time when the world was waiting captors has seen large outbreaks of a public service without needing anyone to Turkey, it continues to see well. Of course, the vision and dreams of Mr. President are the first seeds of this great success. However, I sincerely believe that our direction is correct, since our aim is to serve our nation, Allah helped His servants working for this nation. "

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