When Does Tax Debt Restructuring 2020 Begin? Has Tax Restructuring been Published in the Official Gazette?

When will tax debt restructuring begin
When will tax debt restructuring begin

It was reported that the proposal was accepted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly held for the expected tax restructuring law. With the passage of the law, whose 20 articles were first adopted, eyes turned to the Official Gazette. The proposal covers the structuring of debts covering Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT, MTV, SCT, all administrative fines, KYK debts and Treasury receivables.

If the debt restructuring is positive as a result of the negotiations to be held this week after the meetings in the Parliament, it is expected to be published in the Official Gazette and enter into force within the next week.

Tax Restructuring Proposal Has Been Accepted!

With the proposal that was voted and accepted at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, tax debts can be structured and paid in 18 installments. Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV), Special Consumption and Unemployment Insurance Law Offer Acceptance (SCT), all administrative fines, KYK debts, tax debts covering Treasury receivables will be structured.

Tax penalties, default interest and delay increases; traffic, election, population fines; According to the Road Transport Law; All administrative fines, such as fines, fines for irregular road crossings, will be covered by the configuration. Education contribution loan and education loan debts, ecrimisillers, improperly received support payments, resource utilization support fund, and contribution to the protection of immovable cultural assets will also be structured.

Income Tax and Stamp Duty Support Can Be Extended Until the End of 2023

If the beneficiaries of unemployment benefit are employed within 90 days following their quit and work under uninterrupted service contract for 12 months, long-term insurance premiums to be calculated for the period they benefit from unemployment benefit will be covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. President; In case of employing women, young people and holders of vocational qualification certificates, the premium support provided to the employer is additional to the previous year's average, 12 months for the employed persons, 18 months if the person is female, young or disabled, and Income Tax provided to the employer With the withholding incentive, it will be authorized to extend the duration of the Stamp Tax support application until December 31, 2023.

The Short Working Period Can Be Extended Until 30 June 2021

The effective date of the Tradesmen Ahi Fund application will be postponed from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023 due to the negative effects of the coronavirus epidemic. The President will have the authority to extend the short-time work allowance application until 30 June 2021. The President will be able to extend the premium support period paid to the employer and covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, until June 30, 2021, if the insured benefiting from short-time working allowance return to their normal working hours. Among the applicants, 39,24 TL per day will be provided for those who are hired by the employer and leave for unpaid leave, and 34,34 TL per day per household will be provided for those who declare that their application is not accepted. The amount of support to be covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund is predicted to be 44,15 TL per day for the insured who will be employed as of the date of their employment, and 39,24 TL per day for those who will be recruited additionally by the employer. (Source: Sabah)


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