9 Effective Suggestions Against Autumn Diseases

effective advice against autumn diseases
effective advice against autumn diseases

While the Covid-19 pandemic disease, which deeply affects our country as well as the world, continues at full speed, on the other hand, autumn also reveals specific diseases.

Stating that it is essential to take precautions to have a healthy autumn and strengthen our immunity, Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “While feeling the threat of Covid-19 infection more and more this year in the fall, the risk of upper respiratory diseases is added; It requires very serious precautions, especially for the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Because it is necessary to be very careful and remember that respiratory infections cause serious dangers. The main way of this is; "It is about adding some simple but effective measures to the mask, social distance and hygiene rules." Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya talked about 9 ways to prevent autumn diseases, gave important warnings and suggestions.

Water, water and water again!

Do not wait for thirst to drink water. Take care to drink plenty of water in autumn. Drinking enough water ensures that harmful substances are expelled from the body, prevents the airways from drying out and strengthens immunity.

Eat healthy

Consider the extremely healthy options that the season brings us. This autumn is a season rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and fish often on your table. One of the stars of the season, don't think of pumpkin as just a dessert that floats in sugar. Find out how to use vitamin A and C-rich pumpkin as part of your main meal. Rich in phytosterols, pumpkin seeds not only lower your cholesterol, but also provide support against prostate symptoms in men.


Do not neglect to take regular and brisk walking every day. It is very important for an adult to exercise for 150 minutes a week to increase heart rate and to do muscle strengthening exercises two days a week. Spend time on your favorite sports such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming. Thus, both your body resistance will increase, your metabolism will accelerate and your bones will be prepared for a possible fall in the future and will not be broken.

Quit smoking

Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “Stop smoking, be the occasion of the pandemic process. The benefit you will provide to your body by quitting smoking may be more valuable than the sum of all the following suggestions. For this, you can get help from Internal Medicine specialists and Chest Diseases specialists, discuss treatment options, and feel that you are not alone in the struggle to quit smoking.

Have your health checks

Have your health checks done now, without the intensity of health services encountered every winter. Do not neglect your Internal Diseases examination, have your thyroid hormones and vitamin D levels checked, and have your annual eye and dental checks. Women should also take time for breast and gynecological examinations.

Hand wash frequently

Although washing hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds is remembered with Covid-19 infection, it is very important as it will reduce the risk of flu every autumn. Make sure to wash your hands with soap for at least 10-15 seconds before and after meals, before and after removing your mask, when you get off public transport, and whenever necessary.

Get out

Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “According to Harvard University Medical Faculty experts, spending time on tracks such as parks and public gardens improves your concentration and makes you happier. "You should definitely go out and take advantage of the daylight provided that you put on your mask and pay attention to the social distance."

Make sure to clean your air conditioner

It is not a matter of course that air conditioners that come out of the summer become a dust-hole. Cleaning the filters in order to prevent mold from being housed all winter and applying disinfectants to the inner-cooler section in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions constitute the guarantee of your breathing clean air in the next season. In addition, the cleaning of all kinds of chimneys should be reviewed; Smoke and gas (carbon monoxide) detectors should be found, if any, batteries should be replaced especially in homes that are heated by stoves, fireplaces, stoves, or that provide hot water with a water heater-combi boiler, and it should not be forgotten that they are life-saving.

Make your flu shot

Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya “If you do not want to spend a week in autumn or winter at home, in bed or in joint muscle pain, be sure to get your flu vaccine, which is the best way to prevent flu. "People in the risk group, especially those with chronic diseases and the elderly, must definitely have the flu vaccine against the flu, which circulates in the same places with Covid-19 and spreads the same way.

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