Altınkale Project was Inaugurated in the Hot Çermik Thermal Tourism Region

Emergency of the altinkale project in hot cermik thermal tourism region
Emergency of the altinkale project in hot cermik thermal tourism region

In the Hot Çermik Thermal Tourism Region, Altınkale Project, which was completed on an area of ​​22 thousand square meters with the support of Sivas Municipality, under the auspices of Sivas Governorship and with the support of the Special Provincial Administration, was opened.

The 'Altınkale Project', which was started in autumn last year and will contribute to reveal Sivas's thermal tourism potential and will add a great vitality to the region, has been completed.

Governor Salih Ayhan, Parliament National Defense Commission Chairman, AK Party Sivas Deputy İsmet Yılmaz, Semiha Ekinci, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel İdris Tataroğlu, Sivas Cumhuriyet University Rector Prof. Dr. Scholar Yıldız, Chairman of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mustafa Eken, Provincial General Assembly Chairman Hakan Akkaş, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hakan Aksu and protocol members attended.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “Today we are together for the opening of an important work for our city and region. I wish the Altınkale Project, which we opened today, and the works to be carried out in Hot Çermik in general, will be beneficial for our city, our country's economy and tourism. I would also like to thank everyone who contributed, worked and sweated. " said.


Mayor Bilgin said, “We always said this; Municipality is a stakeholder and partner of every project that will add value to our city by contributing to our city together with you. One of the biggest concrete examples of the management approach that we want to put forward in Sivas in the new period is this service. We are in agreement with our Rectors, other public institutions and organizations, NGOs, especially our Dear Governor, that this management approach should be more correct and should be. At this point, we are opening the freshest example of our work in determining a common goal in terms of serving our sultan city and walking towards this goal together. We will continue to work on a common ground in order to make Hot Çermik a center of attraction. " said.

"In this sense, we will implement our Aqua Park, which was built in the previous period, after the pandemic process." Our Mayor Bilgin said, “By making our tents, which are about to be completed, within our Governorship, and by making Hot Çermik almost a holiday village together with the Bungalow Houses that we will put into operation in the new season that we have designed as the Municipality, it is better to bring the economy and tourism of Sivas to a high added value. We will reach a point of contribution. " he ended his words.

Semiha Ekinci, Head of Social Policies of AK Party Headquarters Women's Branch and Sivas Member of Parliament, said, “Our guests are our Balıklı Spa in Kangal, Our Grand Mosque in Divriği, Our Gök Spring in Gürün, Our Sızır Waterfall in Gemerek, Our City Square, which is the Open Air Museum of Sivas. We will be delighted to eat our Sivas meatballs and meat bread after walking and show us our Altınkalen with our Hot Çermik Thermal Tourism Center. Sivas deserves the best of everything ”.


"Sivas today is much better than yesterday." Parliamentary National Defense Commission President AK Party Sivas Deputy İsmet Yılmaz said, “We see that beautiful works come out when there is unity and solidarity in this project. God bless those who contributed. Each district of Sivas has a beautiful and beautiful center, so we need to increase these attraction centers. Let's go to Sivas, but why should see let go when it is said everyone's mind certainly Kangal Fish Springs surely there, you should see the Kangal Dog Ranch is a must, Turkey should see Islamic Arts is also a UNESCO world heritage list on a first come work Divrigi in Turkey Ulu Mosque is a must , we should be able to say don't die without seeing it. Go to Koyulhisar, see Eğriçemen Plateau, go to Kösedağı in Suşehri, and see Gökpınarı, the most natural form of turquoise in Gürün. We can increase them. We should be able to see the Âşık Veysel Museum, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Museum with Şarkış, but we should also increase the new attraction centers. Here is Altınkale, here is our Hot Çermik region. With the investments made, we have a region that has increased its attraction exponentially. We thank those who contributed. " gave his statements.


Governor Salih Ayhan said, “Hot cermik, which the people of Sivas cannot give up and seek healing with the tent culture for years, continues to develop again by preserving its cultural texture with the investments made in recent years. Of course, this sulfur, which cures many diseases, will provide services to our province, region and country with new investments. We held workshops and identified needs in many areas. One of them is Altınkale, which was on the agenda before, in order to ensure the visibility of this place with the revival of thermal tourism. Altınkale hot pot has become Sivas's evil eye bead. Our Altınkale project is brothers with a logic similar to Pamukkale. kazanwe nagged. There are thermals in many places, it was important to highlight the visuals. When it started to be built, hundreds of vehicles were coming here on weekends. Geologically, it has become an open-air museum. With an area of ​​40 thousand meters, it has a larger area than Pamukkale. This was the excavation dumping area of ​​many companies, now it is an area that appeals to people's hearts and eyes in a pleasant way.”

Following the protocol speeches, the ribbon was cut with prayers.

After the opening, Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Sivas Deputy İsmet Yılmaz and provincial protocol visited Altınkale.

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