Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard Traffic ordeal Ends

Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard Traffic ordeal Ends
Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard Traffic ordeal Ends

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing transportation projects one by one, which both prioritize the safety of drivers and reduce the traffic density in the Başkent. The Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to hit the scalpel on Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard, which has been one of the points where traffic has been going on for years, will be tendered on November 2, 4 for the construction of 2020 Bridge Junction.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has prepared new transportation projects one by one in order to reduce the traffic density experienced due to the increasing population and number of vehicles in many points of the capital, took action to solve the traffic problem in Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has decided to bid for the traffic to breathe in the Şaşmaz Industrial Site, whose traffic problem has turned into gangrene for many years, has accelerated its work.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which determines the date of the tender, will put out a tender on November 2473 for the construction of two crossroads at the intersection of 2474. Street and 4. Street between Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard (Istanbul Road) and Ankara Boulevard Şaşmaz Junction.

The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to ensure the safety of the drivers due to the increase in traffic accidents in the Şaşmaz Junction, carried out studies in the region and determined the problems one by one.


With the 2-bridge intersection work initiated under the coordination of the Science Affairs Department, not only the traffic in the current Şaşmaz Junction but also the traffic in the region will be greatly relieved.

Especially between 08.00-10.00 in the morning and 17.30-19.00 in the evening, the traffic density created by the drivers who leave the Industrial zone together with the drivers will be hit with a 2-bridge intersection. With the completion of the Köprülü intersections, the traffic flow of Şaşmaz Industrial Site will accelerate and the traffic density of the Batıkent-Çayyolu route will be eliminated.


With the project that will prevent the accumulation in the Şaşmaz Junction, the crossings will be safer and the right and left turns on the main road will be controlled.

Within the scope of the project to be made as 2 round trips on the bridge, the side roads where industrial returns will be made will serve as 2 lanes. Due to the fact that the region is an industrial area and is on the line connecting the route of Istanbul Road to Eskişehir Road, the traffic density will decrease, and uninterrupted traffic flow and comfortable driving will be provided thanks to the bridged intersections.


Both the drivers using the route, the industrial workers and the local tradesmen thanked the Metropolitan Municipality, which will solve the traffic congestion that has turned into gangrene for years with the two-bridge intersection project in a short time:

-Aydın Baştaş (Deputy Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Auto Craftsmen): “We want the intersections with bridges planned to be built here. There are clumps around here at certain times of the day. Traffic jams, accidents happen. Elimination of this congestion with bridge intersections makes both our tradesmen and those who use this road very comfortable. "

-Vedat Özçelik (Şaşmaz Durak Taxi Representative): “We have been serving in the Şaşmaz region for 15 years. 50 percent of the Anatolian Boulevard's load is now taken here. We have been experiencing traffic density here for a long time. There are too many accidents and traffic jams at this intersection. We want and support the crossroad project. "

-Galip Aktay (Taxi driver): “I have been working at the Şaşmaz Taxi Station for many years. Huge accidents happen here. People have no life safety. A bridge crossroad had to be built here. I thank the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for this. "

-Ömer Koçtan (Tradesman of Şaşmaz Industry): “I've been a tradesman here for 25 years. We are suffering from traffic jams in the morning, noon and evening at this and the crossroads below. It would be fine to build a bridge junction. The tradesmen relax, the vehicles on the move relax. It had to be done. "

-Kadir Night (Minibus shop trades): “As Elvankent minibus drivers, we use this line. Our cars work for the industry. We are experiencing a lot of trouble, there are too many accidents and deaths. It would be very good for us to have a crossroads here. Accidents decrease, it will be very good for everyone. "

-Cüneyt Şenol (Taxi driver): “I am a taxi driver at the Şaşmaz Taxi stop. We have been suffering here for years. There is incredible traffic. I hope it will be done as soon as possible. There is already a density of cars passing through transit. The crowd of those who go into the industry is more than those who come into the industry. There are always accidents, the road is constantly blocked. Mansur, I especially thank the President. "

-Hüseyin Kamalıoğlu (Taxi driver): “You see it in the morning, there is a queue in Batıkent until the upper bridge. The citizen is in trouble. So it would be good to build this bridge. "

- İlyas Çelik (Şaşmaz Industrial tradesman): “My age is 54, I grew up in this industry. There is no traffic jam after 16.00:XNUMX in the evening. Ambulances come, teams come, they can't get out of it. There are many accidents here. Need an emergency bridge crossing. "

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