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roberto benigni
roberto benigni

Roberto Benigni, who stands out with the movie Life is Beautiful and is known for his successful work in the world of cinema, will enchant cinema lovers again with a new movie. Carlo Collodi will stand out as the leading role in the movie Pinocya, which tells about what a wooden puppet boy does to become a human. Watch the film Although it is mostly comedy and drama, it can be seen that this production only focuses on drama. In Pinocchio, which shows itself as a very successful movie, Roberto Benigni can also be the name that stands out with his performance. As an assertive production, it can manifest itself as a production that perfectly reflects European cinema influences.

Production called Pinocchio. It takes place in the city of Toscana in the 18th century. It can also be seen as the most faithful book adaptation version of the movie. Although the Pinocchio films, which were shot in previous times, are more childish, a gloomy and dark theme is used in this production. Roberto Benigni, who gave life to the master character of Gepetto, is also in a unique position in his performance in this film. 2021 movies This movie, which attracts a lot of attention among the productions, can be seen among the productions that will attract a lot of attention both with its plot and its cast. When the film is considered, it can be seen that it is in a way that adults can watch rather than children. It can be seen that Pinocchio's adventure is examined from a more realistic perspective.

Magic and extraordinary situations were also featured in the book version of Pinocchio or in its previous versions. But Comedy movies This type of details are not included in this construction, which is located between. In this production, which is more gloomy and darker, the process of Pinocchio, who was a weak character at first, becoming stronger and becoming a good child after what happened to him is successfully handled. Although it is a movie full of adventure, it is launched to the movie audience in a way that does not break away from reality like other versions, after a different perspective. The performance of the main character can also be considered in a very striking position.

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