Riot Games Announces 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour

riot games valorant announces champions tour
riot games valorant announces champions tour

Riot Games today introduced the one-season-long VALORANT Champions Tour for VALORANT, the competitive 5v5, character-based tactical shooter developed by Riot Games. During this global tour, tournaments will be held in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, and a global champion will be victorious at the end of the year.

VALORANT gained momentum after the closed beta, which broke a record of 1.7 million viewers at the same time on Twitch. kazanarak managed to become the fastest growing esports of 2020. Riot Games continues to make huge plans for 2021 specifically for VALORANT esports. In this context, the VALORANT Champions Tour will accelerate VALORANT by taking advantage of Riot Games' ten years of industry leadership experience. kazanwill continue to climb.

VALORANT continues its journey into global esports without slowing down

Riot Games Senior Esports Director Whalen Rozelle said: “Our next step to turn VALORANT into a global esport worthy of the passion of its fans was to organize the Champions Tour. For several years we have been in contact with our players, teams, fans, cooperation partners and all other stakeholders. As a result of this effort, we are very excited to announce our first official season. Our focus will be on highlighting talented and imaginative actors. Both fans and players wanted to see big prizes. This is exactly what you will see in the VALORANT Champions Tour. "

The VALORANT Champions Tour will have three different tournament stages: Pioneers, Masters and Champions. Teams will participate in the adventure by taking part in Pioneers events in their region, and then rise to international Masters events. The best performing teams in the three Masters events to be held in 2021 will collect points to compete in the Champions event. In the final stage, the best sixteen teams in the world will compete to become the global champion.

Red Bull and Secretlab Co-Founders of the Event

Red Bull and Secretlab are among the founding partners who have supported the VALORANT Champions Tour and First Strike tournament from the very first moment. Both organizations are notable for their long support for the esports activities run by Riot Games. Especially experienced in doing events and activities that highlight esports players such as Red Bull and Red Bull Solo Q.

Fastest growing esports of 2020

Riot Games collaborated with more than 20 leading event organizers in June, signing the VALORANT Ignition Series, attracting millions of fans. Following the success of the Ignition Series, Riot Games announced its first official VALORANT tournament, First Strike, in September. First Strike; North America, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, Asia, Oceania, the best teams of each region identified with Brazil and screening based on ability matches that took place in the Middle East. This event will conclude with a finale broadcast on and other platforms from December 3-6. The winning teams will have the privilege to be proud of being the first official and regional VALORANT champions.

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