Social Experiment Fraud Alert From Police

Social Experiment Warning from the Police
Social Experiment Warning from the Police

The Yozgat Provincial Police Department started a project to prevent the fraud of the deposit from the citizens by selling products such as automobiles, computers and phones at prices below market value through fake advertisements on the internet.

Within the scope of the project, a fraud prevention service team consisting of 30 people was established within the Cyber ​​Crime and Public Security Branch Directorate. The police put various products on sale with the warning "caution, this is a warning notice" on the websites where they shop for prices below the market value.

Police Spoke Like a Salesman

Speaking as sellers to those who want to buy the products, the police tested whether the citizens were deceived by fraud. The police, who persuaded the citizen who called by the phone to give the deposit, later explained that the advertisement was fake and that the fraudsters gave the citizens a low price and made the citizens a victim.

It was seen that the citizens focused on low prices and searched without reading the "warning" text in the description section of the products offered for sale.

Yozgat Police Chief Murat Esertürk, said that for the first time began to be implemented in Yozgat in Turkey.

Explaining that some second-hand products are presented at low prices and offered to the citizens in an attractive manner, Esertürk said, “Our citizens reach the seller because they show interest in the products sold at lower prices than their value, and after the bargaining, they either send the deposit or sell the defective, illegal, stolen goods to them. "As a result of this, we gave warning advertisements to sites that shop online after seeing serious grievances."

50 Percent Reduction in Fraud Incidents

Esertürk, noting that some citizens do not take this into consideration despite the warning information in the advertisement, “Our staff conveys that they will be victimized when stolen, contraband or defective goods are offered at prices lower than their value, and taking the stolen goods is a crime. Thus, there was a 50 percent reduction in fraud incidents in Yozgat. Our citizens should definitely be sensitive when under-value products are sold. They should never send a deposit so that they do not suffer. If possible, they should shop face to face with the person who is the seller. "They should be careful that the product is not stolen, illegal or defective."

He Notified Me About Fraud Incidents

Bilal Utku Karakoç, who made a phone call after seeing the cheap phone ad, said that he called because he saw a low-cost phone in the advertisement.

Karakoç said, “Later, I learned that the person facing me was the police. He notified me of fraud incidents. I thank all the police teams, ”he said.

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