Intensive Coronavirus Inspection Will Be Lone Until Monday

Intense coronavirus control will be done until Monday
Intense coronavirus control will be done until Monday

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that for 4 days, intensive inspections will be carried out for the places where citizens are crowded, including market places, public transportation vehicles and shopping centers.

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular on Covid-81 Inspections to 19 provincial governorships. In the circular, it was stated that in the controlled social life period in the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, compliance with the measures determined for all business lines and living areas as well as cleaning, mask and distance rules is of great importance in terms of success in combating the epidemic.

In the circular, which has been stated that my audits with high visibility in the coordination of governors / district governors have made significant contributions to the fight against the epidemic, the following information was included about the inspections to be carried out for 4 days:

1. Under the coordination of governors and district governors in all provinces and districts between 26-27-28-29 November 2020; Intensified inspections will be made for places where citizens can be found in large numbers, especially market places, public transportation vehicles and shopping centers.

2. Public transportation vehicles will be checked one by one in the inspection for public transportation vehicles. Particular emphasis will be placed on passenger capacity limitation, HES code submission, the obligation to wear a mask and taking necessary hygiene / cleaning measures in transportation vehicles.

3. Marketplace manager will be determined by the relevant local governments, separately for each marketplace, and shared with the governorships / district governorships immediately.

4. The communication and coordination of the marketplace managers, who will be responsible for the measures to be taken to combat the epidemic and for the compliance with the determined rules, will be effectively ensured.

5. In the inspections for shopping malls, emphasis will be placed on complying with the restrictions on the number of people who can be in the mall at the same time and working hours.

6. In the inspection of shopping centers, within the scope of the circular previously sent to the provinces, the maintenance of the shopping center air conditioning and filtering systems and whether the filter changes are made regularly will be inspected especially.

The coordination between local governments, general law enforcement agencies, public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood mukhtars and professional chambers will be made by the governors and district governors, and the necessary planning will be made and the implementation will not be subject to any problems.

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