Attention to Premature Baby Care in Pandemic

pay attention to premature baby care in pandemic
pay attention to premature baby care in pandemic

📩 16/11/2020 12:21

Expecting parents count days to reunite with their children. However, sometimes this reunion takes place earlier than it should be.

As such, a process that requires extreme attention begins for the care of the premature baby, who has to grapple with some vital problems depending on the week of birth. Here, 17 November is celebrated every year as World Premature Day in order to raise awareness for premature babies. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez said, “At the same time, it is necessary to be more careful in this season when upper respiratory tract infections are increasing. In addition, there is an increase in the number of pregnant women with corona infection. This causes the health status of the expectant mother and the babies in the womb to deteriorate and lead to premature birth ”he warns. Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez explained 19 rules that should not be neglected in premature care, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Protect yourself first!

Parents should protect themselves first. They should take care to put on their masks, wash their hands, and change their clothes when they come home. Thus, by protecting themselves, they also protect their babies indirectly.

Do not kiss, do not get kissed!

Do not kiss your premature baby, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic process, and do not let anyone kiss it. Do not let them hold your baby as much as possible.

Keep away from the crowd!

Babies should not be taken outside and kept away from crowded environments in cold weather. Be sensitive about family elders and caregivers. At the slightest sign of Covid-19 or flu, contact with the baby should be cut off.

Limit visits!

Visits should be limited or stopped altogether to protect premature babies in intensive care. It is very valuable for families to be more understanding about this issue to protect both their own babies and other little ones in intensive care.

Be sure to wash your hands!

Before caring for or contacting the baby, hands must be washed and then hand sanitizer must be used.

Breastfeed a lot!

Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez said, “The protective feature of breast milk becomes more vital in such times. "The extra effort of mothers to give breast milk to their babies is indispensable in terms of supporting the immunity of babies."

Watch out for their vaccinations!

A virus that can be fatal for premature babies is RSV, the respiratory syncytial virus. RSV manifests with symptoms such as flu and cold, but threatens the lungs if treatment is delayed. Vaccination of premature babies, especially those born under 1500 grams, against RSV virus, if doctors recommend, helps prevent an extra drop in body resistance. In addition, with the influenza vaccine to be applied to babies older than 6 months, protection can be provided against other viruses that will shake them during this period.

Do not neglect their medications and vitamins!

Do not neglect the regular use of drugs such as vitamin D, iron medicine, probiotics and omega -6 after the 3th month as their growth and immunity will be better and reduce the rate of infection.

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