How to Buy a Special Plate? What are the Conditions for Custom Plate Stickers?

How to remove the special plate What are the conditions for the special plate removal?
How to remove the special plate What are the conditions for the special plate removal?

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When buying a new or used vehicle, you can also change the license plate. People who want to customize their vehicle special plate since its use. Of course, there are some conditions to use a special plate. When you meet these conditions, you can get a special license plate for your vehicle. At this point, we will explain many points about the special plate for you.

Conditions for Custom Plate Stickers

As mentioned above, there are a number of conditions in order to have a special plate. If you do not want to have a special license plate issued, you can buy any given license plate when you want to change the plate while buying a vehicle. However, if you want to have a special plate for your vehicle, you must fulfill the conditions we have specified for you. Request special plate conditions:

  • If you want to have a private plate, it must be the same city code as your residence. For example, you want a plate in the form of 06 Ali 123. However, if your place of residence is Istanbul and not Ankara, unfortunately you will not have this plate removed.
  • There is no such requirement for companies. You have to pay an average tax of 5 TL to 15 TL for each special plate you issue.
  • When you have a special plate, you have to pay a certain amount for the application. The amount can vary for everyone and according to the plate type. The amount may vary depending on the type and demand of the plate. If you want to have a plate type that almost everyone wants, such as team abbreviation, 3-letter names, you must both queue and pay high amounts. In short, the higher the demand for a plate, the more you have to pay. If the demand is low, the amount will be lower accordingly.

I Want To Buy Special Plate For Zero Vehicle

For zero vehicle special plate You can take. However, there are some procedures for this. We can express these processes as follows:

While buying a vehicle, you need to find out whether the license plate you want is available at the notary. You can find out if the plan is idle at the police headquarters.

When you query, if the plate you want is empty, you need to reserve it for yourself. When you make the reservation, it will ask you for the amount you have to pay.

When you pay, you have to go to the notary public with a receipt and tell the officer that the plan will change.

After the procedures are completed in the notary, you need to take your documents and go to the closest Driver and Automobile Tradesman Chamber to your location.

Here, you can receive your license plate within an hour on average.

You can start using your vehicle with your special license plate by going to the industry and having it attached to the officials.

As you can see, it is a very easy process to remove a special plate. Within half a day on average, you can both sell your vehicle and get your own plate.

I Want to Buy a Special Plate for a Second Hand Vehicle

For above zero hand vehicle special plate We talked about the extraction process. However, not everyone can buy zero vehicles. You can also get your own special license plate while buying a second-hand vehicle. For this, we can list the procedures you need to do as follows:

Before going to the notary, check whether the plate you want is idle on the safety page.

If it is idle, book it for yourself and pay the amount you encounter.

Go to the notary and start the transactions. But before entering the notary public, remove your old license plate.

Give your old license plates to the notary during the transaction.

After the sales process, complete the transaction by going to the Tradesmen Chamber of Drivers and Automobile with the documents you receive from the notary. By printing your plate here, you can receive it in an average of 1 hour.

Special plate processes may take longer depending on the density of the city. Likewise, the province where the plate is removed can also change the costs. We would like to point out that the cost may be a bit high, especially if you want to have plates produced in big cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa. At the same time, your waiting time and getting your license plate may be longer in these cities.

In person special plate If you want to issue it, it is sufficient to have your identity document with you. If you want to have it issued for your company, you must have the signature circular and the last 6 months of activity with you during the transactions.

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