Osmangazi Bridge Scenic Beach Park Completed

Osmangazi Bridge Scenic Beach Park Completed
Osmangazi Bridge Scenic Beach Park Completed

📩 01/11/2020 12:10

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the coastal park right next to the Osmangazi Bridge in Dilovası district and with a magnificent view of the bridge, except for small works. The beach park, which has an area of ​​2 thousand 100 square meters, has already become one of the attractions of the citizens.


The Metropolitan Municipality has brought one of the beautiful recreation areas that it has implemented throughout the city to Dilovası district. In this context, a magnificent beach park was built right next to the Osmangazi Bridge. The last wall will be painted in the coastal park built by the Parks and Gardens Department. After the Metropolitan Municipality Tavşancıl beach park, a second beach park will be available to the citizens in Diliskelesi Neighborhood.


In the coastal park, which is already the center of attention of the people of the region, the construction of 90 square meters of wooden buildings such as 170 meters long curtain wall, wc, masjid, meeting hall, and concrete laying for the boat slanting area has been completed. 160 square meters of fishing platform and 3-step amphitheater manufacturing, 70 meter long pier connection road, 98 square meter storage area and a children's play area just above the warehouse are among the completed works. The manufacturing and works of 20 decorative lighting poles, 40 colored led lighting fixtures, 15 recessed spots on the steps of the amp and outdoor lighting are also completed.


Within the scope of the works, the landscaping was carried out and 12 Sycamore, 10 Ash, 5 Rose, 12 Ornamental Diamonds and 250 Flame Bushes were planted. While 4 Japanese roofed camellias were manufactured by the Parks and Gardens Department, an automatic irrigation system was installed on a thousand square meters of area to keep the area always green. Lawn laying, wrought iron railing, and 45 sets of boatyard works have been completed.


Osmangazi Bridge, which started to serve in 2016, is one of the few bridges in the world in terms of size. The Diliskelesi Beach Arrangement Project, which was started by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, was built on the east side of the northern foot of the Osmangazi Bridge, which has an excellent architecture and view. The beach park is expected to be frequented by every citizen, from 7 to 77.

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