Odor Loss in Coronavirus Lowers Quality of Life

odor loss in coronavirus decreases quality of life
odor loss in coronavirus decreases quality of life

📩 27/11/2020 12:32

While the pandemic continues to increase rapidly all over the world and in our country, the symptoms of the virus continue to be investigated. On the subject, experts state that odor loss is among the most common symptoms in this process.

Recent research reveals that the virus attacks two different neurons that detect and transmit smells in the brain. In this context, Vedat Ozan, known for his research on fragrances, will participate as a speaker in the "International Cosmetics Congress" to be held between 4-5 December by the Association of Cosmetics Manufacturers and Researchers. Ozan will give an effective speech, expressing his scientific explanations on the pandemic and the axis of smell at the online congress.

“The sense of smell is an important sense that enabled our ancestors to survive thousands of years ago and even perpetuate the species. Besides that, the scent also tells us what it is we are eating at that moment. In particular, the smell we smell with the nose and the smell we get from the inside on the palate, 'which we call aroma', are different stimulus transmission channels that appeal to the same sensation. Therefore, we can say that two important factors complement each other ”.

Pointing out that most people have lost their ability to smell due to coronavirus lately, Ozan said, “When we look at, the inability to smell causes a big decrease in the quality of life. Because scent is a means by which we communicate with the outside world. We smell roughly 23.000-24.000 times a day, which is equivalent to breathing. "From here, we can understand that scent is a sensation paired with our most vital function," he said.

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