New Coronavirus Circular from the Ministry of Interior! New Arrangement for Hotels and Restaurants

new coronavirus circular from the ministry of interiors to hotels and restaurants
new coronavirus circular from the ministry of interiors to hotels and restaurants

To the 81 provincial governorships of the Ministry of Interior Restaurants in Accommodation Facilities sent a circular on the subject. In the circular, all over the world and especially in the spread of the epidemic coronavirus that is experiencing a rapid increase in Europe and a rise in the number of patients seen in Turkey and the case was mentioned.

It was reminded that with the circulars sent to the provinces before, the basic principles of the controlled social life period, such as cleaning, mask and distance rules, as well as the course of the epidemic and possible risks, were determined and reported to the governorships by determining new rules and measures to be followed for all areas of life.

With this circular, eating and drinking places such as restaurants, restaurants, patisseries, cafes, cafes 10:00 to 20:00 between the hours of the restaurant, restaurant or online food ordering companies, which can only be open to provide takeaway or take-away service. From 20:00 Afterwards, it was stated that it was stated that package service could be provided only by phone or online order.

On the other hand, the principles under which restaurants and restaurants in hotels and accommodation facilities can operate are published by our Ministry. Frequently Asked Questions 9th It was stated that it was explained in the article.

Nevertheless, note that some hotels and / or accommodation facilities violate the rules set for restaurants and restaurants, people who do not meet the requirements are admitted to restaurants or restaurants within the hotel or accommodation facility, or in order to overcome the restrictions, music-meal entertainment program packages are offered for sale. withdrew.

In this direction;

1. Restaurants or restaurants in hotels and accommodation facilities, which are exempted from the restrictions on eating and drinking places, will only be able to provide catering services for accommodation customers.

2. Restaurants or restaurants in hotels and accommodation facilities will not be allowed to sell out via takeaway.

3. Inspection activities for these places will be intensified and their efficiency will be increased.

4. During the inspections made by law enforcement officers, customers in restaurants or restaurants in hotels and accommodation facilities Identity Reporting Law It will definitely be checked whether it is among the people who have been notified within the framework of.

5. Identity Reporting Law It will be checked whether there are any discrepancies between the notifications made within the framework of the hotel and accommodation facilities' own records.

6. Hours in restaurants, restaurants and other halls of hotels and accommodation facilities From 22.00 Then the music broadcast (including live music, recording playback, etc. any broadcast) will not be made under any circumstances.

The decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards will be taken urgently by the governors and district governors in accordance with the 27th and 72nd articles of the General Hygiene Law in line with the above-mentioned principles and no disruption will be caused in the implementation.

An administrative action will be taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the General Hygiene Law and the Tourism Incentive Law for the hotels and accommodation facilities that are found to be acting contrary to the determined principles or performing activities as entertainment places.

Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding the behavior that constitutes crime.

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