Mobility Award to Mersin Metropolitan

myrtle bigsehire mobility award
myrtle bigsehire mobility award

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, organized by the events of September 16 to 22 held between the European Mobility Week was awarded a prize by the Association of Municipalities of Turkey. Metropolitan, with the events organized within the week 'European Mobility Week 2020 National Award'nu the area became one of the three metropolitan cities.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality aimed to increase the use of bicycles and pedestrian roads during the week and encouraged citizens to travel with alternative transportation methods instead of motor vehicles. Week scope bike tour, art competition for children and awareness-raising activities regulating Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Union of Municipalities created in-house "National Award Jury" was awarded by.

Büyükşehir showed success in all categories evaluated

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, whose works during the week were evaluated by the jury, "European Mobility Week Activities""Permanent Precautions" ve "22 September Car Free Day" He received his award as one of the three metropolitan cities that fulfilled its criteria.

"Week Activities" In the category, activities such as posters, social media posts, briefings, music performances, movie screenings, traffic trainings, and wide participation walks were evaluated.

"Permanent Precautions" In the category, studies such as the development of bicycle paths, the construction of bicycle parking areas, the development of green areas, ramps for the disabled, and the expansion of public transportation networks were taken into consideration.

"22 September Car Free Day" In the event, activities such as making public transportation vehicles and the bicycle sharing system free of charge all day, and opening the streets and boulevards to pedestrian use only partially were evaluated.

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