Muğla Gulluk Port Has Been Given To A Private Company For 45 Years

Gulluk port was given to the private company for the year
Gulluk port was given to the private company for the year

Selling 15 ports belonging to Turkish Maritime Organizations and 5 big ports belonging to TCDD, AKP gave the 45-year operating rights of Güllük Port to a private company for 35.2 million liras. CHP's Suat Özcan stated that the Gulluk center will "end" with privatization and said, "They both sell public goods and give money to someone. kazanthey're crying," he said.

According to the news of Mustafa Çakirin from the Republic; "Turkey Maritime Organization (TDI) of Mugla Gulluk harbor to be privatized by the method of operating rights for 45 years has resulted in the tender. The highest bid in the auction came from ICC Grup İnşaat with TL 35.2 million.

The port is planned to be transformed into a 260-anchor marina with 3 yacht mooring capacity. Thus, 1997 ports belonging to TDI and Mersin, Samsun, Bandırma, İskenderun and Derince ports of TCDD were privatized between 2020-15.

CHP Muğla Deputy Suat Özcan said that with this privatization, the Güllük center will be “finished”. Stating that the newly built port is planned to be enlarged and a new loading port is planned to be built in Kıyıkışlacık, Özcan said: “There are 4 ports in total. This disrupts the ecological balance of Güllük Bay. someone money kazanThese are being done for the sake of lameness.”

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