What are the Symptoms of Myopia? Looking at the Screen for a Long Time Cause of Myopia

What are the symptoms of myopia? Looking at the screen for a long time is the cause of myopia?
What are the symptoms of myopia? Looking at the screen for a long time is the cause of myopia?

Although there has been a gradual transition to face-to-face education, many lessons continue to be taught remotely, via the internet. The amount of time children spend at the computer during the day is not at all. This is increasing the problem of "myopia", ie nearsightedness, in children.

Anadolu Medical Center Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “Research shows that myopia has become more common among children in recent years. Researches; It shows that children engaged in close-focused activities and who spend more time indoors such as computer work, video games and reading have higher rates of myopia than those who spend more time outdoors. During the pandemic process, we see that the eye complaints of children receiving online education are triggered. Children's eye examinations should not be neglected, ”he said.

Pointing out that myopia can be corrected by glasses, contact lenses or surgery in some cases, Anadolu Medical Center Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “The risk of some eye diseases such as glaucoma (eye tension) and retinal tears is higher in people with myopia than other people. Opin that the first question asked by families with refractive errors such as myopia in their children, especially if their child's eye number increases at every examination, is whether there is a way to stop this problem. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “Doctors are looking for ways to slow the progression of myopia in children. "While myopia is irreversible, the goal of treatment is to prevent it from getting worse," he said.

It is important for the child to stay away from the screen during extracurricular times.

Nowadays, children spend more time in front of the computer due to the pandemic. Underlining that myopia becomes more important considering this situation, Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “It is necessary to ensure that children spend as much time outside and outdoors as possible during the rest of their lessons. "It is possible to limit the child's myopia and help preserve his vision as he grows, by balancing the screen time on computers or other digital devices with the time spent outside, except in compulsory situations (distance education, etc.)."

Eye drops and special contact lenses treat myopia

Stating that regular use of eye drops can slow the progression of myopia, Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. "Although it is not known exactly how it slows down progress, it is thought to prevent the increase in length between the front and back of the eye," said Yusuf Avni Yılmaz. Pointing out that special contact lenses can be used by children aged 6-12 with myopia, Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “Multifocal contact lenses have different focus areas. This type of lens has a design with more than one circle inside them. The center of the lens corrects blurred far vision, while the outer parts of the lens blur the child's peripheral (side) vision. Blurred side vision is thought to slow eye growth and limit myopia. However, contact lens wear is not as safe as glasses. Even adults who wear contact lenses have problems with these, while children should also be careful. Because contact lens-related corneal infections can result in serious vision problems, ”he said.

Special lenses worn at night help correct the cornea while the child is sleeping

Saying that there are lenses worn overnight to correct blurry far vision, Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “These lenses flatten the cornea while the child is sleeping. The next day, light passing through the reshaped cornea falls exactly on the retina, making distant images appear clearer. However, wearing these lenses only improves vision for a short time. "When you stop wearing lenses, the cornea slowly returns to its normal shape and myopia returns, but it may still provide some permanent reduction in the progression of myopia," he said.

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