Weekend Asphalt Shift at Meydan Altgeçidi and Burhanettin Onat

Meydan altgecidi and burhanettin on the weekend asphalt shift
Meydan altgecidi and burhanettin on the weekend asphalt shift

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will make asphalt and lane widening work on Meydan Altgeçidi and Burhanettin Onat Street between the hours when curfews are applied on the weekend.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will do asphalt shifts during the hours when a curfew is decided on the weekend. The Construction Affairs Branch Directorate, affiliated with the Directorate of Technical Affairs, will turn the reduction of traffic into an opportunity with the restriction, and will carry out asphalt work in Meydan Underpass. The works will be carried out from Mevlana Street to Burhanettin Onat Caddesi on Saturday, November 28 at 20.00 and Sunday, November 29, towards Burhanettin Onat Caddesi, and between 10.00 on Sunday, November 29 and 20.00 on Monday, November 30, from Burhanettin Onat Street towards Mevlana Caddesi.


In addition, on the same dates and times, lane widening work will be carried out on Burhanettin Onat Street, in order to avoid the traffic congestion on the way to Narenciye Street Junction of Burhanettin Onat Street and to relieve the traffic. It is planned to open the road to traffic before the end of the curfew with an intense work.

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