Mersin Beautifies the Streets

Mersin makes the streets beautiful
Mersin makes the streets beautiful

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams, which continue their asphalt works throughout the city and in the districts, continue their activities on pavement, asphalt, median and crossroads on the streets and boulevards.

Metropolitan teams carry out activities to eliminate the deficiencies and beautify the streets and boulevards, especially in the new residential areas in Tarsus, whose population is increasing day by day. The teams started paving activities after the intersection arrangement, median, asphalt completion and road drawing works on Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan Street, located in Ergenekon Mahallesi Konak, which is one of the new residential areas of Tarsus, and surrounded by high-rise buildings.

Maintenance of roads in Altaylılar Neighborhood

In Altaylılar, another neighborhood that has developed rapidly in recent years, Metropolitan teams are also paving the streets on 02110, 0290 and 02125, where high-rise residences are located. After the pavement laying process is completed, the Metropolitan teams will perform asphalting activities on the streets in question.

Streets are completely renewed

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has pressed the button for the complete renewal of many streets in Tarsus, pressed the button to bring a brand new look to Zafer Street, which passes through the Anıt Mahallesi in the city center. Metropolitan teams dismantling the deformed paving stones and pavements on Zafer Caddesi will carry out hot asphalt and pavement work after the completion of the excavation works.

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