Talks with South Korea for Altay Tank

meeting with south korea for altai tank
meeting with south korea for altai tank

Teams from a private manufacturer, as well as Turkish procurement and military officials, are meeting with a South Korean company for the production program of the first domestic next-generation main battle tank.

“This program has encountered enormous delays due to failure to access key components such as the engine, gearbox and armor. I am not in a position to give a serial production start date. All I know is that we've worked so hard to move it forward. ” said.

According to a source familiar with the Altay program, BMC is in talks with Hyundai Rotem to solve missing foreign technology problems in the Altay tank. The South Korean company previously built public transportation and Bosphorus crossing systems in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana, and light rail systems in Istanbul and Izmir.

“We hope our talks will eventually resolve the issues with the [engine and transmission] power pack we will be using in the mass production cycle, the source said in a statement. We're talking about talks that will probably take a few months before we know which direction we're going. " said.

The official added that BMC has been in indirect negotiations with two South Korean defense manufacturers through Hyundai Rotem: engine manufacturer Doosan and S&T Dynamics, which produces automatic transmissions. "The Doosan-S & T power pack will empower Altay if we can resolve differences and licensing issues," he said. said.

South Korea had similar problems with the serial production schedule of the K2 Black Panther tank. Its deployment by the military encountered delays due to problems with the engine and transmission. The first 100 units were built with Doosan's 1.500-horsepower engine and an S&T Dynamics automatic transmission. Under a second contract, the tanks began to be delivered in late 2016, but after S&T Dynamics failed the endurance tests of the transmission, the South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration decided to power the second batch with the locally developed engine and German RENK transmission.

a Turkey expert at the London-based not speaking on condition of anonymity, "Turkey is a proven engine and we will see how to use a faulty gearbox." said.

Turkey, to power Altay German MTU engine and gearbox COLOR hoped that, in the last few years, the arms embargo imposed on Turkey for talks with the German manufacturer has failed. Germany, due to Syrian intervention had limited the export to Turkey.

There is a similar problem with Altay's armor. Turkey, after an initial series of 40 units of a French hoped would continue armor solutions. However, the recent political tension over the hydrocarbon searches off Cyprus has put this at risk. Knowing about the Altai program, the source said the armor will now be produced locally under a public-private partnership.

Altay Main Battle Tank Project

The ALTAY Project started under the main contractor of OTOKAR, which was assigned by the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) for prototype production. The subsequent mass production tender was won by BMC and the mass production process will take place under BMC's main contractor.

ALTAY tank is equipped with the latest technologies as a 3+ generation tank and is developed to provide all kinds of tactical capabilities required for the modern armies of the 21st century.

One of the biggest advantages of ALTAY compared to other new generation tanks is that it is designed by considering today's and future's mission conditions and threats starting from the concept design stage. ALTAY will be one of the most critical elements of the future battlefield with its flawless mobility, superior firepower and survivability features.

ALTAY is subjected to the toughest tests in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions and exhibits a superior performance. In addition, the implementation of Integrated Logistics Support elements from the first stage of ALTAY's design and development process will provide ALTAY with a great advantage throughout its service life. ALTAY will be one of the world's most advanced main battle tanks among the new generation tanks.

As the main weapon on ALTAY, there is a 4385 mm 120 caliber cannon that can fire any kind of ammunition compatible with STANAG 55. ALTAY's new generation fire control system allows it to hit targets in motion with high accuracy. In addition, ALTAY tank has a remote-controlled weapon system (12.7 / 7.62 mm Machine Gun and 40 mm Grenade Launcher) and 7.62 mm turret machine gun for residential and fire support needs.

ALTAY tank has modular composite / reactive armor designed to protect the tank against all KE and CE threats and systems that allow the crew to work in environments with Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. Life Support System, Additional Mine Protection Kit, Auxiliary Power Group, Laser Warning System, 360 ° Situational Awareness System are some of the important elements that contribute to the survival of ALTAY.

ALTAY's high-tech new generation command control system enables tactical-logistics status information, orders, messages and alarms in the battlefield; It fulfills the functions of producing, processing and distributing all combat elements in the most effective way.

Technical Specifications:

• 4 man crew including Driver, Loader, Gunner and Tank Commander
• Manual Filling
120 mm 55 Caliber Smooth Gun
Laser Guided Missile Launching Capability (from the barrel)
ASELSAN Product New Generation Fire Control System
Electric Gun Turret Power System
Remote Controlled Weapon System (12.7 / 7.62 mm Machine Gun and 40 mm Grenade Launcher)
• 7.62 mm Tower Machine Gun
• Gunner's Auxiliary Sight System
New Generation 1500 HP Power Group
Auxiliary Power Group
Modular Composite / Reactive Armor
Laser Warning System
Battlefield Recognition and Identification System
• Nuclear and Chemical Threat Detection System
• Life Support System
• Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression System
360 ° Situational Awareness System
Command Control Communication Information System
Driver Integrated Instrument Panel
Driver Front and Rear Day / Thermal Cameras
• Capability of Passing Through Water at 4 m Depth

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