Mars Logistics Company Started to Provide 'Flammable Warehouse' Service

mars logistics company started to provide flammable warehouse service
mars logistics company started to provide flammable warehouse service

Mars Logistics plans to serve sectors such as cosmetics, chemistry and pharmaceuticals with the Flammable Warehouse, with its new investment, with the Flammable Warehouse, which has a special fire and protection mechanism where hazardous substances, which are covered by EK62, have chemical properties and have the potential to harm people and the environment, according to the Customs Regulation.

Speaking about the details of the investment, Mars Logistics Supply Chain Management General Manager Mithat Sahillioğlu emphasized that the hazardous material storage process is a very sensitive and demanding service and said, “The cargoes under ADR should be stored in special areas with high equipment, depending on the structure of the chemical and in flammable warehouses. must be stored. " said.

The aim is to speed up transportation

Stating that customers can unload both their flammable cargoes and normal cargoes that do not carry this risk in one location, Sahillioğlu explained the reasons for adding a Flammable Warehouse to Hadımköy Logistics Center as follows: “The biggest reason we put our Flammable Warehouse into operation is to save time for our customers. Import vehicles that included loads within the scope of ADR first went to Flammable Warehouses and unloaded these loads, then came to our warehouse and lowered normal loads. These operations were causing a great waste of time. In addition, the risk of damage and loss could occur due to the unloading and reloading of loads from the vehicle. In order to avoid all these problems, thanks to the Flammable Warehouse that we have integrated into the Hadımköy Logistics Center, our customers will be able to unload their loads faster, import faster and receive service from a single company. "

Mars Logistics plans to open a new Flammable Warehouse affiliated to Ambarlı Customs and Tuzla Logistics Center within the Hadımköy Logistics Center, in addition to the Flammable Warehouse under the Muratbey Customs, as well as the Flammable Warehouse under Erenköy Customs.


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