Another Shopping Mall Library from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Another Shopping Mall Library from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Another Shopping Mall Library from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will meet with Turkey's 4th reads the mall library.

Akyaka Park Shopping Center Library, to be opened by Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, will be put into service in Ümraniye, Istanbul.

The opening of Akyaka Park AVM Library, which will be the 4th library in shopping centers after Nata Vega Outlet Shopping Center in Ankara, Subayevleri Vega Shopping Mall and Vega Outlet Shopping Center Libraries in Eskişehir, will be opened at 21:13.30 on XNUMX November.

The Ministry, which contributes to the cultural life by bringing libraries to every point where all citizens, especially children and youth, will reach 2020 by the end of 8. Aiming to further increase the number of libraries in shopping centers, the Ministry also continues its negotiations with 25 shopping mall management.

Akyaka Park Shopping Center Library in Ümraniye, Istanbul, which will host literary and artistic events, talks, autograph sessions, music performances and workshops, will serve with 252 thousand works on an area of ​​5 square meters. Books borrowed from the mall library to support reading habits can be returned to another shopping mall library.

Shopping Centers Fulfill Their Social Responsibilities

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues its efforts to spread the culture of reading across the country with over 20 million books and 57 libraries, 264 of which are mobile.

The Ministry also undertakes important projects with the mission of transferring cultural heritage to future generations, making them adopt, expanding access to information, collecting and preserving cultural and intellectual products, and putting them into the service of society.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which has started to reach many different areas with its airport, station and shopping center libraries besides classical library spaces, aims to encourage lifelong learning and to create a reading culture and increase reading rates, as well as the social responsibilities of shopping centers in this regard. provides an opportunity for them to fulfill.

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