Bicycle Road Control Police was Established for Bicycle Road Occupations in Konya

A bicycle path control officer was created for bicycle path occupations in Konya
A bicycle path control officer was created for bicycle path occupations in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Police Department has formed special teams to warn drivers who park on the bicycle path in the bicycle city of Konya.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, 550 kilometers with Turkey's longest with bike paths and the city of the busiest bicycle used to promote the use of bicycles in Konya and more to expand stated that they conducted studies.

Noting that they attach importance to the safety of cyclists and bicycle paths in addition to their work, Mayor Altay stated that they have established a Bicycle Path Control Police within the municipality.

Mayor Altay stated that police teams are working to provide more comfortable and safe driving for cyclists on bicycle paths and said, “Our teams regularly check the vehicles that prevent cyclists by occupying the bicycle paths. In this way, vehicles are removed from the bicycle paths, ensuring safe driving of cyclists. Our request from our countrymen; Please, let's not park cars on bicycle paths. " used the expressions.

In order to report vehicles parked on the bicycle path to the Bicycle Path Control Police teams, the phone number 350 31 74 or the whatsapp line 0534 404 42 42 can be called.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality has created traffic lights for cyclists at points where bicycle paths intersect with vehicle traffic. In order to make it easier for the drivers to wait at these points, Büyükşehir has also installed waiting stations where they will put their feet and offered them to the service of the users.

Günceleme: 16/11/2020 15:44

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