Certificates, Key to International Competition in Software Testing

the mask will be out of our lives soon
the mask will be out of our lives soon

📩 13/11/2020 10:57

ISTQBⓇ Certification Exams held once a year attract great attention from IT experts. So far, nearly 3 thousand people in Turkey have documented expertise with these certificates. Software Testing and Quality Association President Koray Yitmen describes ISTQBⓇ certificates as the key to international competition. Yitmen says he believes that normally more experts will make a big difference in the sector with these certificates.

Software Testing and Quality Association (Turkish Testing Board -TTB), the realization of international standards of software testing in Turkey and software testing field operations in order to contribute to developing the IT sector and the national economy, the single formation non-profit purposes. Software testing and quality in the world's most respected volunteer organization located in ıstqbⓡ'y (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), depending on who works at the Software Testing and Quality Association, since 2006, trained and certified to ISTQBⓇ standards in software testing field of IT professionals in Turkey continues its activities in order. It also supports the industry with a wide variety of publications and events on software testing and quality.

Nonprofit associations, events, and certification in universities in the revenue obtained from the test Turkey computers, software engineering and studying in computer programming portion successful and giving needy scholarships to students contribute to the training of qualified personnel.

2 thousand people documented their expertise

ISTQBⓇ Certification Exams, which are held every year at frequencies determined by the association, attract great attention from IT experts. The exams, which have been carried online this year due to the pandemic, are carried out for 6 different certificates. Including ISTQB LevelTest Automation Engineering Certificate added this year, ISTQBⓇ Foundation Level International Certified Software Testers, including 2 Foundation Level and 4 Advanced Level, ISTQBⓇ Foundation Level Agile Test Specialist, ISTQBⓇ Advanced Level Test Manager , ISTQBⓇ Advanced Level Test Analyst, ISTQBⓇ Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst certificate exams are normally held offline in three major cities, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Software Testing and Quality Association has pioneered more than 2006 thousand people to take these exams since 4, when it started to conduct certification exams. Almost 3 thousand people in total were entitled to receive a certificate documenting their expertise. More than 117 million exams were conducted in more than 1 countries in all ISTQBⓇ affiliated organizations around the world, while more than 673 thousand experts passed the exams and obtained ISTQBⓇ certificates.

Key to international competition

Certification exams of Turkey's IT sector stating that it is very important to be able to compete in international markets, Software Testing and Quality Association President Koray Yide financing, says that ıstqbⓡ'n software testing and is the largest international organization about quality. Yitmen ISTQBⓇ explains the importance of exams and certificates for the sector as follows: “ISTQBⓇ ensures that international IT professionals are trained and certified in software testing at the highest level. We also ISTQBⓇ since 2006 to educate IT professionals in the areas of software testing standards in Turkey and we are working to be certified. In a sense, we can say the key to international competition for these exams and certificates. Because it has an examination system that fully measures and evaluates competence. The experts who received the certificate also prove their expertise in international standards.

As an association, we do not provide training directly, but we accredit educational institutions in line with certain conditions. Currently we have one of our accredited educational institution that gives training in Turkey. So far, about 3 thousand people were eligible to receive a certificate documenting its expertise in Turkey. But in the whole world together in Turkey, we will need digital conversion accelerating to a greater number of specialists. We believe that normally more experts will make a big difference in the sector with these certificates, and we continue our efforts to increase the number of experts in the sector.

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