Lost Items Will Be Delivered to Their Owners via e-Government

Lost items will be delivered from the state to their owners
Lost items will be delivered from the state to their owners

IMM switches to a new system for delivering items forgotten in public transportation to their owners. Items with identity information on them will be delivered to their owners via e-Government system via notification and SMS. Passengers whose belongings are lost will be able to apply through the system. It was determined that Istanbul residents mostly lost their personal belongings such as Istanbul card and identity card.

Objects forgotten at bus, metrobus, metro, tram, stops and stations in Istanbul are recorded by the officials and taken to the lost office in the IETT Tunnel building in Karaköy.

Items are delivered to their owners here. Items that are not received are stored here for a while, and if their owners are not revealed, they are sold by tender. Some clothing and stationery materials are donated to charities.


In the goods found in public transportation vehicles affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the record cards are created. Last year, 50 thousand Istanbul cards and 12 thousand personal identity cards such as passports, licenses and identity cards were found in vehicles and stops. 18 percent of the cards found were brought together with their owners. The rest were sent to the institutions that issued the card.

IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliated companies of IMM, has completed its work to improve all these return and delivery processes that cause time and work waste. In the new system, lost items with TR ID Numbers will be entered into the e-Government system with a software called CRM. Citizens will be notified automatically via e-Government notification and SMS.


Thus, passengers, their belongings, identity, etc. will have the opportunity to receive their losses in a short time. Istanbulites will also be able to file lost property applications through the e-Government system. These applications will automatically fall into IETT's system and the belongings will be brought together with their owners.

Passengers who have lost their belongings, starting from Monday, November 30 https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/iett-kayip-esya-bildirimi will be able to file lost property applications from.

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