Women Officers Inspect Traffic from the Air

women officers control the traffic from the air
women officers control the traffic from the air

Within the scope of the project initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the slogan We are always together on this road, two female lieutenants from the Provincial Gendarmerie Command in Antalya successfully work in air traffic inspections.

A team of 100 people affiliated to the Provincial Gendarmerie Command performs air and land traffic control within the scope of the project implemented to increase the use of seat belts, reduce the use of mobile phones while driving, and reduce traffic accidents caused by excessive speed.

Two female officers are also taking part in the Skorsky type helicopter assigned by the Gendarmerie General Command.

The female lieutenants in the 4-person team that direct the personnel from the helicopter at the application points during the air traffic inspections in Antalya do not let the drivers who violate the rules open their eyes. The drivers who violated the rules during the air tracking were reported to the ground crews by the female lieutenants.

Violations Detected

During the inspections, the traffic team in the helicopter made low flights on famous beaches, especially in Konyaaltı, Belek Tourism Center, Side and Kızılkule, and in areas where checkpoints were created.

Drivers determined to violate traffic rules were detected in the inspection using high-tech thermal cameras and drones.

During the inspections, in which the teams controlled 530 vehicles, 55 drivers who did not obey the traffic rules were fined a total of 85 thousand liras, 14 vehicles were banned from traffic, and 5 vehicles and 1 suspect were caught.

Gendarmerie teams meticulously carry out traffic inspections in the area of ​​responsibility from Manavgat to Alanya, especially at many points where tourism is intense.



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