K-Pop Affects These Teens Most! Children With Poor Communication Skills Are At Risk

k pop affects these young people the most
k pop affects these young people the most

as well as all over the world in recent years known quite well in Turkey and a growing number of fans of Korean pop (K-pop) groups, the youth is influenced by not only the music they make images and lifestyles. Experts state that young people with high social anxiety, poor communication skills and who cannot establish healthy friendships may be more affected and harmed by such movements. Experts recommend that parents respect their development and support their efforts to become individual rather than conflict with their children.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Assoc. Dr. Emel Sarı Gökten shared important information about Korean Pop (K-Pop) music movement and advice to families.

Korean government condones

In recent years, as well as all over the world and in Turkey fairly recognized and fans of the growing number of Korean pop (K-pop) group of not only the music they make, image and lifestyle with young people Assoc pointed out that under the influence. Dr. Emel Sarı Gökten continued her words as follows:

“These music groups, which started to increase in number after the 2000s, were not welcomed by the Korean government at first, but over time, they became a country. kazanThey became supported by the government as the financial income they raised stood out. The market, which is managed by several powerful music companies in the country, trains the children they have signed contracts with at a very intense pace, trains them in voice, dance and rhetoric, makes the girls have plastic surgery at a young age, and allows them to be added to a group with the definition of idols when the day comes. Children who are worked for 18 hours a day and fed with low calories so that they do not gain weight are abused by putting them in an extremely flawless and perfect image where there is no gender. Their rapid recognition all over the world and ultimately huge sums of money. kazanThe government or any other official does not speak out against this abuse.”

They have strong ties and common values

Stating that K-Pop groups represent not only a musical genre, but also a belief and lifestyle, Gökten said, “There is a strong bond shared by their fans, their own jargons and common values. Therefore, all of these can easily affect adolescents between the ages of 12-18 who have certain developmental vulnerabilities ”.

Teenagers become fans of K-Pop for many reasons.

Assoc. Dr. Emel Sarı Gökten said, “Adolescence is the second fastest stage of brain development in life. In this developmental period, the emotions, thoughts and behaviors of adolescents are quite different from that of a child and an adult. '

“Adolescents experience their emotions intense, but they have difficulty controlling, they are sensitive, they think that they are not liked and liked. It is very important for them to belong to a group. For this reason, adolescents do their best to be included in peer groups, they can start smoking to gain social acceptance, and commit crimes to get into the eyes of the group. In a period when he is so sensitive, especially if he cannot easily enter the peer groups he wants, if he is not accepted enough, if he is frequently criticized by his family, he will feel lonely, unhappy and consider himself worthless. At this point, fan groups such as K-Pop, which will connect him to a group, where he will feel safe and find his idol, come to his rescue. Thus, they find themselves at a point where they are involved in a social network, have contact with peers with the same thought, and are presented in front of a belief system that they need, where they can reflect on an idol the desire to have the perfect physical appearance imposed on everyone in today's society.

Not all teenagers have the same risk

Stating that not all adolescents have an equal risk to be under the influence of such groups, Gökten said, “Especially young people with high social anxiety, weak communication skills, and who cannot establish healthy friendship relations that make them feel good are more likely to be affected and harmed by such movements. In addition, too many references to physical characteristics in the society, beauty, perfection and weakness in front of knowledge, learning and having good morals confuse the young people who are already engaged with their physical characteristics in adolescence.

Families should see the miracle of positive communication

Assoc. Dr Emel Sarı Gökten continued his words by saying, 'Even though it is a period in which peer influence increases and is distanced from the family a little, the adolescent needs a family environment where he feels safe, knows he is loved and is unconditionally accepted.

“For this reason, mothers and fathers should respect their development, support their individual efforts, and not ignore the miraculous importance of positive communication, rather than conflict with the child. It is very important to direct young people who have symptoms such as social anxiety, communication difficulties, unhappiness and introversion that have been continuing since childhood or that occur with adolescence, for psychiatric support as early as possible. Young people who experience these problems are more easily affected by harmful currents and belief systems. "

Risk can be reduced with social and cultural values

Stating that the harmful effects of such destructive currents can be reduced thanks to the strong social and cultural values ​​and their transmission from generation to generation, Gökten said, “In order for our youth to develop their individual identities in a healthy way, they should be informed about them socially, working and laboring, and other people's rights. "It can be said that raising in an environment where values ​​such as respect for nature and all living things are at the forefront will also reduce the risks."

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