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Adapting novels to the screen is quite a challenge. Presenting the spaces that people designed in their dreams to them again is a matter of thought. Directors have a great role to play in terms of expressing internal situations. Finally, prominent and successful in this regard watch the film Waiting for the Barbarians, which is not well known, can also show itself. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner JM Coetzee, the adaptation of this story to the cinema is also to meet the expectations. This production, which is about tribes outside the borders of the empire and called barbarians, can be shown among the best cinema projects of this year.

Johhny Depp, who gave life to the police chief named Colonel Joll in the movie Waiting for the Barbarians, manages to overcome this performance. With the arrival of Colonel Joll, there is talk of the change seen in these people. It also shows itself as a project that effectively handles their psychology and goals. 2021 movies  It may be possible to see the thoughts and feelings of two different structures towards each other. This production, which shows itself as a very ideal and enjoyable production, is also known for its being in a position that will arouse interest in cinema lovers. It can also be called an interesting motion picture because it is in a position that makes the opponents look like enemies.

The problem of fiction can be seen in Waiting of the Barbarians. The constant decrease and increase of the tempo can create some problems and prevent the audience from adapting to the film. Although it is a successful novel adaptation, time lapses can also be included in fiction. Watch local movies  It can be seen that the film should be a little longer, although this production, which is in an important position among the scenarios, is successful. The influence of the leading actors can also be seen in Waiting of the Barbarians, which shows itself as a wonderful work. In this way, it can show itself by being among the best motion pictures of 2020. It is also among the quality projects by showing itself as a movie that will be very pleased with cinema lovers.

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