İzmir Seferihisar Earthquake Current Situation 49 Dead, 896 Injured and 850 Aftershocks

İzmir Seferihisar Earthquake Current Situation 49 Dead, 896 Injured and 850 Aftershocks
İzmir Seferihisar Earthquake Current Situation 49 Dead, 896 Injured and 850 Aftershocks

On Friday, 30.10.2020, at 14.51, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred off the Aegean Sea of ​​Seferihisar. The distance of the earthquake, which occurred at a depth of 16,54 km to the Seferihisar district of İzmir, which is the closest settlement unit, is 17,26 km. After the earthquake, a total of 4 aftershocks were experienced, of which 40 aftershocks of magnitude more than 850.

According to the information received from SAKOM, a total of 1 citizens lost their lives, one of them as a result of drowning. 49 of our 896 injured citizens were discharged, and 682 of our citizens are still being treated.

Search and rescue activities are carried out in 8 buildings in İzmir.


5.748 personnel, 21 search and rescue dogs and 898 vehicles from AFAD, JAK, NGOs and municipalities were assigned for the ongoing response activities in the region.

After the earthquake felt throughout the Aegean Region, field scanning studies continue in all provinces affected by the earthquake, especially in İzmir. Aerial scanning and image transfer studies are carried out by the Gendarmerie, Police and TSK with the support of JIKU, helicopters and UAVs.

After the earthquake, all Ministry and Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Centers were on alert; Search and rescue personnel from 41 AFAD Provincial / Union Directorates were dispatched to the region. Personnel and vehicle shipments are made with 7 cargo aircraft belonging to the General Staff. Search and rescue teams of JAK and non-governmental organizations were dispatched to the region. Coast Guard Command participates in search and rescue activities with 186 personnel, 15 coast guard boats, 3 helicopters and 1 diving team.

According to the information received from the Coast Guard Command, 19 boats sank after the earthquake, 23 boats and 1 land vehicle were rescued by the Coast Guard Command teams, and 43 boats were stranded. Rescue efforts are continuing by the Coast Guard Command.


In order to meet the urgent need for shelter, 1800 tents, 100 general purpose tents, 8960 blankets, 6864 beds, 5300 sleeping sets, 4 shower-WC containers were sent to the region by AFAD; 2049 tents, 51 general purpose tents, 6.888 beds, 16.050 blankets and 2.657 kitchen sets were shipped by the Turkish Red Crescent.

680 tents have been installed throughout İzmir, including 120 in the Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, 250 in the Ege University campus area, 100 in the Bornova Eskişehir Stadium, 90 in the Buca Hippodrome, 231 in the Seferihisar district Sığacık region and 1.471 in the various points needed. 5.904 beds, 6.772 blankets and 5.300 pillow-sheet sets were sent to the related areas to be used in the tents established.

In addition, a total of 288 beds and blankets were allocated to Bornova Gymnastics Gymnasium and Bornova Öğütcan Sports Hall in order to meet the accommodation needs of our citizens, and the accommodation needs of 288 citizens were met.


323 personnel, 281 volunteers, 40 vehicles, mobile feeding units with 60.655 meal capacity and 99.364 supplies (treats and beverages) were sent to the region by the Turkish Red Crescent. In addition, 114.460 masks and 5.000 disinfectants were dispatched to the region to be distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent public health and psychosocial support teams.

A total of 910 personnel, 166 from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and 1076 from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, were assigned for damage assessment studies in the region. 167 personnel from the psychosocial working group participated in the field work with 25 vehicles, and 278 people in 713 households were interviewed. In addition, 2 mobile social service center vehicles were dispatched to the region.

260 personnel including 32 riot police and 292 traffic personnel from the security and traffic working group were directed to the scene. A total of 192 construction equipment and 224 personnel work within the scope of technical support and supply. 102 vehicles were assigned to participate in the studies carried out in the region by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Food service is provided to 400 people at the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

112 vehicles and 234 personnel from UMKE and 835 Emergency Aid teams were assigned in the region. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, there are energy cuts in 17 fields in İzmir and teams are working to eliminate the cuts. A total of 35 mobile base stations have been shipped to the region, and the installation of 27 stations required has been completed.


13.000.000 TL, Family, Labor and Social Services, by AFAD Presidency to be used in studies. Look. 5.000.000 TL was transferred by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and 6.000.000 TL was transferred by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

According to Turkey Disaster Response Plan, search and rescue, health, in order to run without interruption of support work, the Interior Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) in coordination with all the working groups, was activated by the 7 day 24 hour operation basis.


Damaged structures in the disaster area should never be entered. Roads should be left empty for emergency vehicles. While leaving the houses after the earthquake, if there is no natural gas odor in the environment, natural gas and water valves and electrical switches should be turned off. Our citizens should not use their phones unless they need urgent assistance. Support should be given to infants, children, elderly and disabled people who may need assistance.

Developments and earthquake activity in the region are monitored 7/24 by the Ministry of Interior AFAD.

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