Izmir Earthquake Common Mind Meeting Brought Scientists Together

Izmir earthquake brought together scientists of common mind meeting
Izmir earthquake brought together scientists of common mind meeting

It brought together scientists who have a say in the field of "Izmir Earthquake Common Mind Meeting" organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Evaluating the psychological consequences of the earthquake, Social Psychologist Prof. Dr. Melek GÖRgenli stated that the stress level in the city increased a lot. Distinguishing that İzmir's greatest chance is the existence of empty spaces to shelter after the earthquake, he said, “If we had closed those areas, we would not even have a place to set up a tent. We must protect our public spaces like our eyes ”

In the sessions held within the scope of "Izmir Earthquake Common Mind Meeting", many scientists shared their views on earthquakes and what needs to be done. In the first session of the day, Prof. Dr. Erdin Bozkurt, Prof. Dr. Bora Rojay and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner and Dr. from Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory. Doğan Kalafat spoke. Stating that the earthquake is a sign that the earth is alive, experts reminded that the Anatolian geography took its present shape as a result of millions of years of earthquakes in the region. It was emphasized that geography is one of the most active regions in the world and it is necessary to learn to live with an earthquake.

"Disasters are happening because we cannot learn to live with an earthquake"

Prof. Dr. Erdin Bozkurt; “We have been working hard in the Aegean Region for 30 years. If we start from Kaz Mountains and go to the Gulf of Gökova in the south, we see that the region is fragmented by many active faults. All areas bounded by these faults are fertile plains. In fact, earthquakes bring us abundance, but it comes back as a disaster because we cannot learn to live with it. We owe all the richness of the Aegean coastline to earthquakes, with geothermal systems, mineral formations, fertile plains and natural beauties, ”he said.

The geology of the city should be studied

Stating that due to the political situation of the Aegean coasts, the faults on land cannot match data with those in the sea, Bozkurt said: “According to the results of the last earthquake, my suggestion is to include geological engineers who conduct ground and basic surveys in the building inspection system with the fault law in the legal regulations on the subject. At the same time to study the geology of the city. Preparing urban geological maps, defining faults well, determining earthquake generating potentials, determining historical earthquakes, predicting recurrence intervals of earthquakes. The revision of the urban development plans according to the results to be derived from this. As a result, the Earthquake Scenario and Master Plan of İzmir, which was prepared in 1990, should be updated immediately. "

Serious work should be done to follow the faults in urban areas.

Considering the faults that make up İzmir, especially the northern part affecting the city KarşıyakaReferring to the existence of an Izmir fault that borders Bornova and the southern part of the gulf, Prof. Dr. Bora Rojay stated that beyond these faults, Karaburun, Mordoğan, Seferihisar and Tuzla faults, which affect the area, may also produce earthquakes in Izmir. Stating that the geological studies will not be enough, Prof. Dr. “The part of the faults that we can see on the surface is under our control,” Rojay said. However, we cannot see this in urban areas, especially we cannot follow the Izmir fault. The continuation of this fault, which passes under Güzelbahçe, Narlıdere and Üçkuyular, enters the city. Very serious studies should be done for this part and the ground should be defined. While doing this job, it should be integrated with other branches of earth sciences ”.

Izmir Earthquake may have triggered new tensions

Describing the seismological framework of the earthquake and the region, Dr. Doğan Kalafat evaluated the damage caused by the 30 October Izmir Earthquake on the ground. Dr. Calafat said, “When the seismic wave enters the rock, it comes out within 1-2 seconds. However, when it enters the soft ground, it passes through it in a longer time and this causes the vibration to take effect for a long time. When it enters the soft ground, it definitely damages the material on it. Knowing this, we need to make some constructions ”. Reminding that the Izmir Earthquake will increase the stress balance, which has been disturbed by the recent earthquakes in the region, and thus its potential to generate earthquakes, Dr. Kalafat stated that the increased risk of a medium-sized earthquake in the near future should not be overlooked. Earthquake specialist; He underlined that being prepared and informed at all times is only possible with an integrated disaster management system, risk management and a total struggle of crisis management.

"Earthquake was at sea, destruction happened in İzmir"

Explaining the events observed at sea following the earthquake on October 30, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner said that they observed that the wave levels reaching 1.9 meters high were moving away from the shore by 2.5 kilometers. Prof. Dr. Yalçıner said, “The earthquake happened in the sea, but the destruction took place in İzmir. It created a tsunami with the collapse of the sea floor. The earthquake caused a collapse in the sea floor and when the water collapsed, the sea was energized. That potential energy hit the shore. Fishermen saw bubbles in the sea an hour before the earthquake. The earth actually gives you some signs. Still, this should be strengthened with scientific bases. We lived through a natural event, but the consequences took us to disaster.

We must build housing

Speaking at the “Spatial Planning and Earthquake-Oriented Urban Transformation” conference, Assoc. Dr. Semahat Özdemir stated that there are many structures that have not received engineering service. Stating that many public institution buildings should also be inspected, Özdemir said that the building stocks of the past years should be revived. Özdemir said, "It is inevitable to produce social housing for rent." Prof. from Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Handan Türkoğlu, the experience of natural disasters over time. kazanhe told me he was. Prof. from Middle East Technical University. Dr. Murat Balamir stated that in cases of natural disasters, a platform should be established with the representatives of the institutions and units established in the society, and that the decisions should be taken with a common mind. Associate Professor of Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University. Dr. Binali Tercan made statements about urban transformation.

How far have we gone?

Speaking at the conference titled “Disaster and Emergency Management: Coordination, Education, First Aid and Health, Search and Rescue, Temporary Housing, Damage Assessment, Transportation, Communication”, President of the Emergency Health Association for All Dr. Ülkümen Rodoplu said, “There is a zoning amnesty, the house cannot get a license, a temporary license is given. We all applaud. We vote for the licensee, then that building collapses, there are dozens of dead in it. But when we bring out a person alive, we applaud the same politician again. How far have we gone? In 1994, we were actually talking the same things. Yeah; There are good things we did, I was very excited when AFAD was established. We saw that AFAD did a lot of good work in the Izmir earthquake, but also 8 thousand 700 search and rescue teams are in the region. There are 17 buildings. The toilet for food and drink… We are faced with a confused picture. We must take hope from this picture. We now have a lot of experience with earthquakes. Individuals are not ready, I have been working for years, but my wife does not know what to do during the shock. How many people have earthquake bags? How many people know how to behave during shaking? We will learn to take care of ourselves. Buildings are collapsing. If this consciousness begins, people begin to question the building where they live. It also changes the licensee through democracy. Personal action plan is very important, ”he said.

Dr. Mauricio Morales Beltran, BayraklıHe made statements on the demolitions that took place in and in Samos. “Open spaces are created by building shops on the ground floors. Applications such as column cutting are performed. "We want curtain walls instead." Okşen Mersin Atikbay, former Director of the Izmir Governorship Crisis Management Center, gave information about the earthquake that took place in Izmir. Assoc. Dr. Ninel Alver explained the determinations to be made in damaged buildings. President of the Emergency Disaster Ambulance Physicians Association. Turhan Sofuoğlu talked about emergency response management in disasters.

Our stress level has increased a lot

Speaking at the "Social and Psychological Consequences of Earthquake" session, Social Psychologist Prof. Dr. Melek GÖRgenli said, “Our stress level has increased a lot. We all live in this city. What we are trying to do now is an effort to generate and give reason. We all have lived and are living a process where all our professional knowledge did not work. Maybe we had a bad event that could have been very serious despite everything. Maybe it's a sign that we can start preparing as soon as possible. We call it a disaster, but an earthquake is a natural event. We are the people who make disasters. Now the cities we created have become our enemies. My house seems to be an enemy to me… Home is a place to put our heads. Home is where our relationship with this world begins, where we step on our feet. Unlike other disasters, an earthquake is something that really moves the place we step on under us and perhaps destroys it. It is very different from all of them… We worked in the region for 1999 months during the 6 earthquake. We are human beings, we are afraid and we panic. The human mind denies what it cannot handle. Our biggest chance in this earthquake was that we had empty spaces. Following the correct local policies regarding public spaces… If we had closed those areas, we would not even have a place to set up tents. We must protect our public spaces like our eyes. Izmir is a city where urban identity is very strong… He wanted to work 500 volunteer psychologists in a week ”. Expert Psychologist Dünya Polat made statements about psychological interventions to the crisis.

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