Difficult Training of AFAD Teams of Heroes of Izmir Earthquake

Challenging training of Izmir earthquake heroes
Photo: Ministry of Interior

AFAD teams, which were among the search and rescue teams that rescued the wounded after hours after the wreckage in the 6.6-scale earthquake that caused destruction in Izmir and coordinated the work, constantly improve themselves through training and exercises at the Search and Rescue Union Training and Exercise Center in Ankara. AFAD teams, who have participated in search and rescue activities in wreckage for days in İzmir, carry out exercises aiming to improve their intervention practicalities in incidents such as earthquakes, fires, landslides, rescue from wells and dent. The simulated search and rescue exercise in the collapsed building and rescue of those trapped in the wreckage did not find the truth. The teams opened a tunnel under the debris, meticulously unearthed the injured and handed them over to the medical teams. Again, the person who was stuck on the upper floor was put on the stretcher and pulled down with a rope. K9 dogs used in search and rescue activities are also trained in the center. In addition, in the earthquake simulation center created with a special construction, AFAD team, volunteers and personnel working in public and private institutions are given trainings on what to do in case of emergency.

Turkey's General Staff in 11 Bulunuyor

AFAD Ankara Search and Rescue Unit Deputy Manager Ercan Oğuz said that after returning to Ankara, the teams working in Izmir resumed their training at AFAD Search and Rescue Union Training and Exercise Center for a few days a week. Oğuz said, “In the wreckage here, studies such as rescuing from the upper floors, rescuing from the well, rescuing from tunnels, rescue from corridors are carried out. Apart from that, our K9 teams are working on the wreckage. Apart from debris, our chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) teams continue their training periodically. Our training activities continue for missions such as landslides and floods. In Turkey, as Ankara has 11 one search and rescue team unity. Apart from that, there are provincial teams in different numbers in each province according to the population of the province, ”he said.

Our Scenarios Overlap with the Events We Live in

Stating that the applications of AFAD volunteers continue to increase in all provinces, Ercan Oğuz noted that the training of AFAD volunteers continues. Oğuz said, “Our friends have to constantly train in order to keep themselves vigorous and to keep their knowledge and skills in place. Our training continues even after returning from the earthquake. Today, we simulated the rescue of a citizen trapped on the upper floors in our debris area by rope access. In addition, we simulated the rescue of a casualty trapped in a well with a tripod and the rescue of a citizen under the wreckage by opening a tunnel. Our scenarios consist of works done on condition that they exactly match the events we experience. In our search and rescue association, our 7/24 ready personnel are standing by in case of any incident. "We are working 7/24 in order to intervene in any event," he said.

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