New 6 Thousand Taxi Offer to Istanbul Rejected With UKOME Decision

New thousand taxi offer to Istanbul was rejected by ukome's decision
New thousand taxi offer to Istanbul was rejected by ukome's decision

A total of 1000 thousand new taxis to Istanbul, 6 of which are minibuses and minibuses that want to transform. kazanThe request to be released was denied at UKOME. Emphasizing that they will persistently bring this issue to the agenda, İmamoğlu said, “Sorry if there is someone who has made this business an interest, if his name is a gallery owner, if his name is whatever it is; I don't care if it gets hurt. Taxi brokers or anyone who raises money with the taxi business is none of my business. I will protect the right of the person standing behind the wheel for 16-17 hours; and the bread in his house. Have no worries. You can happily say this to your members.” Imamoglu's reaction to the decision, "I do not have an aghalik, pasha, partisan, kinship, fellow countryman, my brother. There is no groupism; Everyone is equal. 16 million people equal. I am here to defend the rights of all, to defend a just order. That's how the instruction came. I see it from messages. I refer this instruction process to the conscience of the people. I invite everyone, every institution to think about this issue. See the sincerity”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluattended the UKOME meeting, where the “new taxi” application, which was eagerly awaited by millions of citizens living in the city, was discussed for the third time. At the UKOME meeting chaired by İmamoğlu, a total of 17 thousand new taxis, 395 of which are minibuses and minibuses, to Istanbul, where there are 1000 thousand 6 taxis. kazanBefore the voting, the stakeholders of the issue made speeches. Taking the floor after the detailed presentation of IMM Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir, Istanbul Taxi Tradesmen Chamber President Eyüp Aksu claimed that their opinion was not taken in the process and that no training was given to taxi driver tradesmen by the new IMM administration. Aksu said about İmamoğlu, "Which group did you promise, you are bringing this issue to the agenda today".


Speaking again on these allegations, Demir responded to Aksu with a photograph of former IMM bureaucrat, new Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, taken with a district mayor. In the photo, it was seen that there was a foreign currency of the IMM bureaucrat, Minister Karaismailoğlu, showing the need for 6 thousand 180 new taxis for Istanbul. In his reply to Demir, Aksu said, “You showed two tables in which you mentioned our Minister. I could not understand. Our dear Minister was in your office and served for years. It did not upset the tradesmen and never made such statements that would make the taxi driver a victim. In fact, he had the authority, maybe he could, but certainly no speech was made by the taxi industry to upset. It has always helped us too. I would like to thank him for the support he gave to us during his employment, when he was in charge, as Mr. Minister is named here, and I present my respects ”.


Stating that Aksu was doing politics seriously in his speech, İmamoğlu said, “With his last message, Nirvana was in politics. Here, he expressed his happiness with the people he said he did not give him a raise for 3-4 years. This is not a political medium. By the way, I am the only political among you; I suppose I fell into a situation that does not do the only politics, ”he said. İmamoğlu said, "Here, you made an unlimited sentence with an environment where there was no raise for 3-4 years or saying 'In the past, education was given, now it is not given', and with an accusation, 'Which group did you promise and bring it today'? :

“My promise is true; I promised two groups. The first is 16 million Istanbul residents, and the second is around 50-60 thousand driver trades in it. I keep my promise. Therefore, I return this limitless sentence, Mr. President, and as a president who has failed in participation, I refer you to the conscience of the tradesmen. If I were someone who fails in the participation, this place would not be broadcast live. I talk about everything in front of the citizen in participation. "


Referring to the meeting where he met with sector representatives, İmamoğlu said, “When I asked for an invitation and invited it, another delegation came; probably in your knowledge. Because there was also your vice president in it. You did not come. If you came, I would say 'No'. 'Don't rent, buy' offer came to me at that table. 'Since you have such an intention, do not rent, buy' offer was made. Nobody objected to this job at that table either, I did. I am not a person who swallows the truth. I am a person who transparently shares these processes with our people. Of course, we are discussing an important business here today. I'm here for her; true. We are discussing a process related to the change and character of Istanbul; true. The subject we are discussing has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic. I am someone who knows very well the difficulties in the pandemic process. There are bureaucrats nodding and saying this, I see and follow them all. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. 5 thousand taxis are not waiting at the door. This job is the process. "There is no point in doing tales here," he said.


"We are human beings, we have a conscience," said İmamoğlu, saying, "I am a person who follows the market as well as everyone else here, and never have any doubts about not violating anyone's rights, and who will not victimize any tradesmen you have been victimized until today. Nobody should doubt this. Is the issue of raise as a matter of politics; done. We said 'we won't do it'. It's not an easy thing for a politician. Did you make a statement about my raise when I was sacrificed for 7 months, 8 months in front of 'trolls'; no. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether you make a statement or not. I did it because it was right. Governor is there; We also talked to Mr. Governor; "Let's stop this from being a political issue." This is the right of shopkeepers. If rising inflation in Turkey, if the time comes to tires, the diesel hike is coming, so let's make the decision ... we have unity. And every December this job should come to UKOME without discussion. It has no policy. You also download people late, you have families too. What will be my problem? My problem; "To give a salary of 2 thousand 300 liras to the man who cannot get a salary of even 4 thousand 200 liras".


İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows: “We do not have a problem with the 17 thousand taxis you have purchased. More kazanGood luck to you. What is devalued does not increase like that. This job is none of my business. I'm interested in what's next. You said, 'I did not understand what the Minister said'; He has the report. He shows a billboard in his hand saying 'There is a need for more than 6000 taxis' and takes pictures. There is it. They give you, you look. It doesn't matter who said what. The way of the mind is already one. But in this pandemic, did we say, 'We will line up 5 thousand taxis at the door'? There is no such thing. Nobody should make populism over this. We also know what we will do and when, we will discuss it with you again. What did I say to the incoming representatives? Let him enter the room and buy it, let him have a good manager of the room, enter the tender, and buy it from there. We will create competition, service competition, standard. We want to change the future of a city. This is not a political table; this is a commonsense desk. Nobody conducts the choir here, I don't know if they do. I don't speak plural, I'm the mayor, despite that, I don't speak. No one should lead the choir. I will not sign a job that will harm my taxi driver brothers in the least. That's how clear I am.”


“But if there is someone who has made this business a profit, if his name is a gallery owner, I don't know what his name is; I don't care if it's going to hurt. I'm not interested in taxi brokers or someone who returns capital with the taxi business. It is the job of the Ministry of Finance. Does not interest me. I will protect the rights of those who stand behind the wheel for more than 16-17 hours from the beginning of the taxi. And the bread in his house. You have no worries, no worries at all. You can tell this to your members with pleasure. I stand on each and every one of the promises I made in the election. I keep on saying everything about the tradesman. I did not say 'I will increase your taxi values'. But if it is increasing, what to me. If it is falling, it is falling. What is that to me. "


“We made an election on June 23. 4 million 740 thousand people voted close to 55 percent; is true. Today, if there is a mind that says 'You were chosen with an opinion, but we will not let you rule Istanbul'; that mind hits a wall, it doesn't work. Therefore, we will make a meaningful vote here.

I am here for a meaningful voting that will make a note in history. Politics is not the job of these tables. I just listened; You think it has been managed with a brilliant system until today. Nobody has a problem with a taxi. It is almost 90 percent of those on the street will express satisfaction, everyone is happy; the trainers are happy, the taxi drivers are happy, everyone who gets on and off is happy; something sparkling. It's like I'm living somewhere else. I am describing an area where 90-95 percent citizens are unhappy. I will not sign anything that will harm 50 thousand drivers or tradesmen. Second, nobody should populism over the pandemic. We know both the pandemic and the time of this work. "


“Let me express one more thing: If I wanted to find money, I would say, 'I'm selling the license plates'. Believe me, this noise wouldn't sound like that. I am trying to create a permanent value for the city. A regulatory, controllable permanent value. A person has a 50 or 100 taxi taxi, I have no way of knowing and towing. There is no map of taxi ownership; I do not know. I am speaking hypothetically, I am not making a claim. However, there are those who make claims. Eyüp Bey says, "Everyone has a taxi." It's a claim too. Everyone should sit with their conscience and think. Which claim is true? I am with my brother who has been doing this business for two or three generations. Don't worry. It will not have any problems. Istanbul has a population of 16-17 million. It also has that much mobility. Today we are with the tradesmen, don't worry. The preparation of this work, its system, this bus, 7-8 months to come up. We are not talking about a simple thing. We're not going to go out the door and look for 5 thousand taxis. No Such Thing. It is a pity, it is a sin. "


“When I listen to many comments, I get upset. I used my right to answer. Negotiation was made. Investing, etc., these are separate things. I do not have aggression, pashalik, partisanship, kinship, fellowship, brother. There is no grouping; Everyone is equal. 16 million people are equal. I am here to protect everyone's rights, to defend a just order. I wanted to see, identify and witness this situation. I am analyzing, talking, but I will leave everyone with their conscience after today. What will I think and see when everyone goes home and puts their head on the bed? My own team and my friends know too; we keep the negotiation abundant. I have never been a choir conductor for any of them. I have never been a choir conductor to anyone's will. I hope we will make a good decision for our Istanbul. "


İmamoğlu submitted 1000 taxi plate proposals and 5 thousand new taxi proposals that wanted to convert from minibus and minibus to taxi separately. Both proposals were rejected by majority vote. Emphasizing that they will persistently bring this issue to the agenda, İmamoğlu said, “That was the instruction. I see it from the messages. I refer this instruction process to the conscience of the people. I invite everyone, every institution to think about it. He paused the session for 15 minutes, saying "see the sincerity". At that time, the minibus and minibus drivers, whose taxi requests were rejected, reacted to the UKOME members. The session continued under the leadership of IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar.

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