Istanbul Made Its Choice for Squares

Istanbul made its choice for squares
Istanbul made its choice for squares

With the new administration in IMM, every job continues to be carried out in a transparent and participatory manner, and finalized by submitting to the approval of the citizens. The project of organizing city squares that will change the face of Istanbul was also presented to the votes of Istanbulites. Projects competed between 19 October and 13 November for Taksim, Bakırköy Square and Salacak coastline arrangements. The most liked projects were selected by voting with the participation of 352 thousand 784 people.

The process of realizing the award-winning projects of Taksim, Bakırköy Square and Salacak shoreline designs, which were opened to the competition with the joint work of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA), has ended today. 19 thousand 352 people have participated in the voting that has been going on since 784 October through In order to be a fair contest, Istanbul residents chose their favorite project in the voting with their TR ID number.


For the process enriched with meetings, surveys, interviews and interviews held with various institutions before and during the competition, a total of 3 projects were received for 233 squares. 3 equivalent awards for each competition were determined by the jury. Equivalent projects that were awarded in the competitions were presented at the “Decision is Yours” centers established in Taksim, Bakırköy and Üsküdar Squares and on the website.


For the project prepared with the theme "Istanbul is Getting Its Public Spaces", 25 thousand 352 people voted for their favorite project in 784 days. 3 winning works competed in Taksim, Bakırköy Square and Salacak coastline projects. It became the project number 4 with 42 thousand 53 votes that won the race between the projects numbered 51, 405 and 42 in Salacak. 76 votes were used to select the Salacak coastline project.

209 thousand 728 people voted for the Taksim Square project. Project number 15 won the struggle between projects numbered 16, 19 and 86 with 597 thousand 15 votes.

For the Bakırköy Square project, a total of 9,12 votes were cast for the projects numbered 23, 66. The winner of the competition in Bakırköy was the project number 613 with 24 thousand 782 votes.


After the administration announces the first prize, the decisions of the jury members will be shared with the public. Contracts will be made for projects that win the competition in all three regions. After the application drawings are completed, the squares will serve Istanbulites with a new face that suits Istanbul.

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