Istanbul Kadıköy and Çengelköy Enjoyable Bosphorus Tour

cengelkoy boat rental
cengelkoy boat rental

Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, attracts the attention of tourists with its magnificent strait and various mansions surrounding it. Well, as a person living in Istanbul, how much do you dominate the Bosphorus?

Separately, the European and Anatolian sides are by renting a yacht It is important that you travel and learn about this ancient city under the leadership of a guide. Only in this way can you give Istanbul the right. In this text Kadıköy ve Çengelköy Bosphorus Tournun We will talk about pleasant moments that you will experience.

Kadıköy Bosphorus Tour

One of the liveliest districts of Istanbul KadıköyIt creates a wonderful view during the Bosphorus tour with its beaches and structures. To the Bosphorus tour KadıköyThere are many advantages to starting from. With friends or relatives. yacht charteryi you can think and KadıköyWith its central location, it is an easily accessible place for everyone. Thus, when you celebrate your special days on the boat, you can invite your guests with peace of mind. Kadıköy Bosphorus tourmakes both you and your guests comfortable in terms of transportation.

Çengelköy Bosphorus Tour

There are many itineraries you can choose from on the Anatolian side to rent a yacht. It is possible to make your tours in a short time of 2 hours or to spread over 4 hours. You can also add Adalar to your itinerary and turn it into a daily tour.

These islands, also known as the Prince Islands or Istanbul Islands, are located off the southern shores of the Anatolian Side and are an archipelago that Istanbul residents prefer to spend a few days with. Çengelköy to your Bosphorus tour Adding the Islands will not only extend your time at sea, but also provide you with a special space while celebrating. There are 6 islands on the islands tour and these islands are in the order of proximity to Istanbul; Kınalıada, Burgazada, Kaşıkadası, Heybeliada, Büyükada and Sedefadası.

The most common reason why those who rent a yacht for a celebration choose the Çengelköy Bosphorus tour is that they want their guests not to suffer from finding a parking lot. Parking problem is very common in Istanbul and for this reason, choosing Çengelköy can make both you and your guests feel more comfortable.

What Should Be Considered In The Bosphorus Tour?

Whether the aim of the Bosphorus tour is to get to know Istanbul with a guide or to celebrate a special day such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, there are some points you should pay attention to. First of all, it is very important to make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance for the Bosphorus tour. In this way, you will not be surprised when you go to the pier. In addition, when many people prefer to rent a boat, such as New Year's Day and Valentine's Day, you must complete the reservation more than 2 weeks in advance. In order to finalize your reservation, it is important that you send half of the total fee as a deposit. Thus, the first step of the Bosphorus tour is completed.

In addition, you should decide in advance the details to be shaped according to your wishes on the Bosphorus tour. Boat Rental Istanbul offers you the option of breakfast, cocktail or dinner. For this reason, it is important that you state exactly how many people you will be arriving in advance. This will prevent confusion from arising.

Kadıköy and you should indicate in advance whether you want a guide on Çengelköy Bosphorus tour. Depending on your request for a tour led by a guide, a professional guiding you in Turkish, English, German, French, Russian and Arabic will also travel with you on the boat. Uluçay Yachting Boat Rental Istanbul offers you the advantage of quick price inquiries on its website depending on how many hours you want a tour, the number of people, the menu you prefer, whether you want alcohol or not, and whether you want to include one or more of the extras. In this way, you will not encounter any surprises about the price and everything will be under your control.

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