Great Profit from Covid-19 Test to Private Sector at Istanbul Airport

Big profits from covid test to private sector at Istanbul airport
Big profits from covid test to private sector at Istanbul airport

Huge profits were created for the private sector from the Covid-19 test, which is mandatory for passengers on foreign departures. At the beginning of July at Istanbul Airport, the Ministry of Health established a laboratory with a capacity of 5 thousand tests per day in an area of ​​40 thousand square meters. However, later, Covid tests were transferred to private health institutions at the airport.

According to the information obtained by Taylan Büyükşahin from SÖZCÜ: ”The test authorization at the airport was first given to two companies. However, this number was increased to three upon the objection of the firm authorized to provide health services at the airport. Millions of lira is earned from the tests carried out by Biotest, Şafak and TRG companies for 250 TL. Airport officials, on the other hand, explain this situation as a "precaution against density". However, speaking at the introduction of the test unit established in July, the airport officials announced that this area could handle all the density and its capacity could be doubled if necessary.

The test fee, which was only 110 TL at that time, increased to 250 TL with the transfer of the unit to private companies. Thus, millions of liras of income generated at the airport, where thousands of passengers are tested every day, was transferred to both the airport operator and private companies instead of the Ministry of Health.


Turkey's gateway to the world, according to which criteria the busiest airport in Istanbul Airport-19 from Covidien unknown if the test is given to these three companies. While there are no tenders for testing services, it is stated that the Ministry of Health only inspects these 3 private companies.


Covid-19 tests are also carried out by private companies at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, another airport in Istanbul. The consortium undertaking the tests here includes Health Sciences University and 5 companies. Covid-19 tests are carried out by the Ministry of Health at the airports in Ankara and Izmir.

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