Contactless Payment Application Started in İSPARK

Contactless payment application started at ispark
Contactless payment application started at ispark

İSPARK has added a new option to its credit card and İstanbulkart payment opportunity, which it has recently started in its open, multi-storey and road car parks. Drivers will be able to make instant, easy and secure transactions with contactless payment at all ISPARK.

The smart city applications initiated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu in order to produce permanent and sustainable solutions to transportation problems and traffic congestion in Istanbul continue rapidly. While implementing projects that will contribute to urban mobility at every stage of transportation, IMM also puts into use digital applications that will facilitate the lives of citizens.


A new solution has been implemented in ISPARK that eliminates the problem of "Searching for Coins" and "Waiting for Money". Parking fees can be paid with "Contactless Payment", which provides fast and convenient payment privileges. It will be sufficient to have credit cards with contactless payment feature scanned by POS devices at the parking lot staff.

Explaining that they started a digital transformation in order to create a quality and more reliable structure under the leadership of IMM, Derya Atacan, General Manager of İSPARK, said, “We have started to activate the possibilities offered by digital systems with payment technologies in our business areas. Contactless payment with credit cards offers a fast, safe and practical method for drivers. We will continue the transition to technological innovations in order to increase the satisfaction of our citizens ”.

Thanks to the contactless technology that enables fast and secure payment, parking fees can be paid with all credit cards without entering a password and without wasting time.


The requirement of cash payment, which causes the formation of vehicle queues especially at the exit points, is eliminated in the car parks used extensively by the citizens. Parking fees, which can be paid with Istanbulkart and credit card, can now be paid in seconds without contact.

The practice that will reduce the intensity experienced in the pay booths in the evening hours and on weekends in the parking lots used by thousands of drivers every day; It will both save time for drivers and speed up the checkout process.



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